summer block

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    Summer Opportunities (after basic cadet training)

    Hi everyone, What are the other AFA summer training opportunities (after basic cadet training) besides gliders and sky diving? I know at Navy they have some special opportunities like scuba diving and hiking in Alaska. Are there any programs like these? Thanks!
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    "Got my choice of Summer Block Marine Corps Ground Thing, Mom -I Can't Explain It"

    Could /would anyone familiar with the USNA Summer Block "Marine Corps Ground Thing" please give Mom a little more detail about what it is? Is it at Camp Pendleton? Parris Island? Somewhere else? The " I can't explain it" part of DS's comment means he doesn't want to spend time telling...
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    Summer Block and All The Mids' "Stuff"

    When USNA ends ac year in May-June, are the mids allowed to leave all their "stuff" , such as winter uniforms, in Bancroft in a portion of the dorm that is not used for PS, do they bring it all home, or do they take it to their sponsor's house for the summer? Sorry if this sounds like a...