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  1. G

    Waitlisted for USNA summer seminar - still fill out preliminary application?

    Hi, My daughter got waitlisted for the USNA summer seminar. Does she still need to fill out a preliminary application? She hasn't received any follow up emails on next steps in application process or a candidate number. Thank you!
  2. M

    Summer Seminar Decision?

    I have yet to receive my Naval Academy Summer Seminar decision. It says on the site that all applicants will be notified by April 16th, but I have yet to receive either an acception or rejection into the program. Is there someone I can contact and ask about my applications status?
  3. S

    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    I recently attended NASS (Naval Academy Summer Seminar), and I was wondering if that helps improve your chances of getting into the academy considering there is a evaluation added to your profile by your squad leader?
  4. G0navybeat@rmy

    Summer Seminar

    I'm a current junior in high school and my dream is to go to USNA but I'm not sure of my chances for when I apply. I applied to Summer STEM two times and got turned down both times so I'm unsure of my chances. Here's a quick resume: I have participated in 5 sports: football, track, cross...
  5. D

    NASS Pictures?

    Hello! I attended Summer Seminar Session 2, and I was wondering if there was any way for us to see the pictures that they took. My detailer only sent us a few pictures, but I saw other detailers taking many more. I have seen picture on the slideshow they played during the closing and the...
  6. U

    USNA Summer Seminar

    So I recently got accepted into the USNA summer seminar!!! I applied to West Point and Air Force as well but haven't heard from either of those yet. When I originally submitted my applications I most wanted to go to the Air Force seminar but I decided my acceptance to navy was too good of an...
  7. G

    Summer Seminar Arrival times

    Does anyone know when arrival times typically are for the Summer Seminar? The first session says it starts on June 2 which is also an SAT day. I may or may not need to take the SAT again then, depending on how things go, but I may need to take subject tests then for my backup college plans...
  8. G

    Summer Seminar/Pre-Candidate opt

    I am a junior and will be taking the SAT in March, but I have 700 Reading/730 Math on my PSAT. Should I opt NOT to have my SS application be the pre-candidate application since I do not have SAT's yet? There is no SAT in January, so March is the next time they are offered. Thanks so much.
  9. USNAismyplace

    NASS Application Issue

    Good Evening SAF, I have completed my NASS application (after writing the personal statements ahead of time, I definitely did not rush this), and I hit submit. Then, my screen froze and the application did not appear to go through. I then resubmitted the application, and received an error...
  10. G

    USNA Summer Seminar 2017

    Hey! I will be attending the first session of summer seminar and I had two questions I was hoping could be answered: Do we need to have a physical sign!ed by our physician? I couldn't find anything that said we did but it just seems odd to me that we don't need one. When will we know what...