summer seminar

  1. U

    Is retaking the CFA worth it?

    Hey everyone! As of 2/26/2023 I have a green qualified box in my USNA application saying that I passed the CFA from the summer seminar CFA. I thought I underperformed by a bit while I was there. Is it worth retaking the CFA and aim to get a higher score? Or should I just leave it as it is since...
  2. R

    NASS Application Confirmation Email

    Hello, As the decision annoucements for NASS are approaching this week (supposedly) I have read elsewhere on this thread that applicants recieved a confirmation email that their application was recieved. Curious, I searched in my inbox but could not find anything around the time when I applied...
  3. C

    Summer Seminar and Preliminary Application Confusion

    Hi All, I submitted my USNA Summer Seminar application on March 27th and haven't received word about it yet. I was wondering if this is normally how long it takes for review of the application. Also, I know the responses in the Summer Seminar app carry over to the Preliminary Application, but I...
  4. J

    USAF Summer Seminar Application Question

    Hi, I’m applying for the USAFA summer seminar and I saw that while it says the application is due on Jan 15th, my application says it’s due on the 22nd. Is this just a tech error or do I really have nine more days to do this? Additionally, is it going to be impossible to submit an application...
  5. D

    Summer seminar / CFA

    Does anyone know if the Air Force Academy offers attendees of Summer Seminar an opportunity to take the CFA ? Thanks
  6. TANK27

    USNA Summer Seminar

    Just found out a few days ago that I've been accepted into the USNASS, wondering what to expect and what I should prepare for before! Ive been preparing for USMA for so long now, my knowledge of the Navy is a little pathetic. Any tips or expectations would be great!
  7. A

    Is Summer Seminar Worth It

    Hello, this month I was accepted into USAFA, USNA summer seminars and SLE. I totally didn't expect it either, I kinda went on a limb with my 3.78 GPA and no athletic or barely any leadership positions. But anyways I accepted USAFA seminar because it's only $20. I didn't get the scholarship for...
  8. B

    Summer Seminar Decisions??

    I am applying to USNA Class of 2026. I applied to the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar on January 5th. I understand that applications close March 31st. Will decisions be sent out by April? Or when can we expect to hear back?
  9. G

    NASS decisions

    I sent my application for the Summer Seminar the first day it was open (as I’m sure many other exciting C/O2026 candidates did). I have not yet heard back a decision either way about my admissions status. Does anyone have an idea as to when I can expect a decision? It is not life or death, but...
  10. liberty18

    Summer Seminars

    Hi friends, I recently submitted my applications for USNA, USMA, and USAFA summer seminars. It's my understanding that for USNA and USMA, these also count as the preliminary application, and have to be reviewed and accepted in order for me to be deemed eligible. On what grounds are these...
  11. B

    Worth adding to USNA SS app?

    I currently work as a consultant at a marketing firm and after looking at the summer seminar personal statement, I was wondering if my job falls under "any activities, groups, conferences" that are "STEM-related [science, technology, engineering, math], leadership, etc". Furthermore, a good...
  12. C

    Does acceptance to Summer Seminar have any impact on application?

    Hello all, I'm curious as to if acceptance to last year's Summer Seminar has any impact on the competitiveness to gain an appointment or be qualified by the admissions board. Does anyone know any statistics or have knowledge on this? Are people that are accepted to Summer Seminar have a higher...
  13. R

    Summer Seminar Essay Feedback

    The question for my essay was: Do you have any personal life experiences where you have overcome adversity or challenges that have shaped you into the person you are today? I was mostly focused on creating a balance between my personal experience and leadership philosophy. I really wanted to...
  14. T

    Summer Seminar Application Question

    I am currently filling out the application for the USAFA Summer Seminar and I was completing the Extracurricular portion. The problem is, I filled out 10 entries for the extracurriculars and then I could not add any more. It seems as though this is the limit. Because they require you to separate...
  15. Astromatter

    Trouble With Seminar Application

    I submitted my US Air Force Academy 2021 Summer Seminar application last week. After submission, the "your application has been submitted successfully" message appeared as expected. However, once I returned to the home screen, it said my application was 15% complete and that I needed to finish...
  16. BBF2003


    This past week I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to attend the Naval Academy Summer Seminar as well as the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar. My dad and I decided that I was going to attend both. I understand this it's going to be a challenging couple of weeks. That being said...
  17. S

    Summer Seminar acceptance thread

    I thought I would make a thread for Summer Seminar Acceptances and rejections, so hopefuls next year could know where they stand. So when those emails go out(could be any day now), let’s list ourselves on this thread. I was thinking this format: (Username) // (Accepted/Rejected) // (State) //...
  18. F

    Summer Seminar: Send both SAT and PSAT scores?

    I scored pretty bad on the PSAT and got a 1200 (620 Reading 580 Math) then I did a little bit of prep on math and scored a 1300 (640 reading 660 math) on my SAT. Should I still send both scores as I improved by 100 points or would it be best to leave the PSAT out of the equation. Side note: I...
  19. F

    Summer Seminar work experience question

    If I did not have a leadership role where I used to work, should I still list it? I only worked at McDonald's but I don't know if leaving out information, even if it is mundane, is a good idea.
  20. F

    USAFA Summer Seminar App minor questions

    Is it a bad idea to have multiple sentences in the profile section? (Not the essay of course). The application says to include aspirations for the summer seminar so should I include that in the essay even though addressing the summer seminar doesn't fit into the essay prompt (Describe an...