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    Question about tattoos at the Citadel

    I know the Citadel tattoo policy is basically that it can't be visible while wearing a duty uniform. I've been wanting to get one (3 1/2" x 3 1/2") on my upper arm somewhere between my triceps and my shoulder. I am also currently filling out an application for the Citadel, so I certainly don't...
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    Question regarding tattoo and tattoo policy of USMMA.

    Hi, I just recently received an appointment to attend the USMMA and I am extremely excited. I applied twice so this means a lot to me. Last year September my father, who really wanted me to attend the academy, passed away from cancer. Around the same time he passed i had made up my mind to get...
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    Hi, I was appointed to USMA this past weekend, and filled out and submitted my tattoo form. I was planning on getting a tattoo in April to commemorate my faith as well as a close friend who passed away. The tattoo is also planned to fit within Army regulation. My question is how would I go about...