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    AFROTC Major when up for boards

    When applying for an AFROTC Scholarship, I noticed how if your major was not a tech major, you would put “0GYY” or “General Studies” while all the tech majors had indentifiers making your major obvious. My question is if this still applies when going for the FT board or the rated board once...
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    ABET Certified Requirement?

    My DS is a freshman on a Type 1 scholarship at an Ivy. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to do so, but would like to double major in Russian (another AFROTC desired major). He is being told by his unit that a BS in Mech E is not sufficient; he must get the ABET Certified...
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    Urgent AFROTC Majors Question

    Hi, So my AFROTC scholarship application will be going to the board held this Monday, which means tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day I can edit the listed majors on my application. I've looked and looked, but couldn't find a clear answer to this: when offered a tech scholarship, can you...
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    AFROTC tech major GPA question

    Hi all, I'm going into my AS200 year, but I'm struggling in Aerospace engineering and I have calculated that the max GPA I can get before field training packets get sent to HQ is 2.97. That's assuming I get straight A's come fall. I'm on a type 7 scholarship and I can financially afford to...