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  1. C

    ACT/SAT Score good enough for ROTC?

    Hi everyone I have some questions about ACT/SAT scores for ROTC/NROTC ACT (superscore): 35 Reading: 36 Math: 32 Science: 35 English 35 Writing 9 ACT best single seating: 34 Math 31 Reading 34 Science 35 English 35 Writing 9 SAT superscore: 1480 Reading: 720 Math: 760 SAT best single...
  2. OrionVII

    Does anybody have any advice for cadets who want to go to USMA or USAFA?

    Does Anybody have any advice for high school students who want to attend USMA or USAFA?
  3. Fotouman

    Average SAT Scores

    The average SAT/ACT scores for West Point are fairly competitive, but they are not as high as other colleges with acceptance rates in the teens or single digits. For context... Dartmouth: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1480, ACT is 32 Duke: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1485...