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  1. C

    ACT/SAT Score good enough for ROTC?

    Hi everyone I have some questions about ACT/SAT scores for ROTC/NROTC ACT (superscore): 35 Reading: 36 Math: 32 Science: 35 English 35 Writing 9 ACT best single seating: 34 Math 31 Reading 34 Science 35 English 35 Writing 9 SAT superscore: 1480 Reading: 720 Math: 760 SAT best single...
  2. Ant345

    ROTC scholarship test scores waiver

    If my SAT score is right below 1000 (970) is it possible to request a waiver or I am automatically disqualified? Especially if all the rest of my application is very strong?
  3. H

    What is considered an adequate score for the PFE?

    I'm a senior in high school (18F) and am in the process of applying to the USCGA, all I have left is to get my letters of recommendation in and submit my PFE scores. I am planning on applying for regular admissions to give myself more time to improve my test scores over the next few months. My...
  4. M


    Hi guys, I am really, really confused. I need a final clarification. I understand that the USNA considers only two of the ACT sections. I know one is the Math. Is the other English (grammar) or Reading (passages and answers)? I hear English is it on this thread constantly, however, I emailed my...
  5. birdwatcher4125

    Does anyone know when the August 29th, 2020 SAT scores will be released.

    Does anyone know when the August 29th, 2020 SAT scores will be released. Some websites say that today (Friday, 9/11/2020) is the scheduled release date, and some say that it won't be for another ten days (Monday, 9/21/2020). I seem to remember my older DS' getting his score exactly two weeks...
  6. E

    What are my chances of getting in?

    Here is a mini resume: I am a rising senior in high school. I have a 4.46 GPA, a 1250 SAT score, am the President of Interact Club, treasurer of Business Professionals of America, the alto saxophone section leader in my band, have 100+ community service and am currently working a job. I am...
  7. J

    ACT or SAT

    Hi, I was wondering if the Air Force Academy either accepts the highest scores of either SAT or ACT. I got a low score on the ACT, but a high score on SAT which met the minimums. Will they take my SAT over the ACT?
  8. HBCU-Dad

    AROTC Waiver(s) Required

    Hi everyone, I have searched the board and have not seen this issue posted, so apologies if this is a repeat question. My daughter’s Army ROTC Scholarship Application Selection Status is pending due to test scores (960 SAT). According to the website waiver section: “GPA, ACT and/or SAT...
  9. A

    Test scores sent but not submitted yet

    Hello all, my SAT and ACT scores from June 3rd and June 10th have not been submitted yet. I have asked my Admissions Counselor about and they said to contact both Collegeboard and ACT and ask them for "the Batch and CD number, test date, as well as the date for when your test was sent." can...
  10. ElectedTuna

    Sending Test Scores

    Hello, So I recently took the new SAT and ACT this year after only taking the old SAT once. My new SAT score is a lot better than my old one New SAT: 660 Reading/Writing, 620 Math Old SAT: 590 Reading, 560 Math, 530 Writing But my ACT score was disappointing. ACT: 27 English, 25 Math, 29...
  11. W

    Should I fill out the Application if I havnt been Nominated Yet?

    Is there a point to filling out my actual WP and Naval Academy applications if I havnt been nominated yet? is there any benefit to that other than the fact that I can submit it quicker if I eventually become nominated?
  12. W

    Submitting SAT/ACT Scores

    Is there a point to submitting SAT/ACT scores to the USNA and USMA if you have not been nominated yet? Or even broader, is there a point to even filling out your application if you havent been nominated yet? You cant be accepted without a nomination so wouldnt you just have wasted the money...