1. H

    Multi-Sport Recruit

    Hello fellow netizens, I am a Highschool Jr. in California, wondering if it would be possible to play 2 varsity sports at USNA. Middle distance Track / Cross Country is my primary sport, but I'm also a competitive scholastic sailor. Assuming I am good enough at both sports to be recruited...
  2. makushin

    Navy Cross Country Camp

    I just have a quick question; how many people typically attend these camps? Do most stay overnight?
  3. makushin

    Athletics' effect on admissions

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school, running XC and TF. I'm about 20 seconds away from a semi-competitive mile time for NCAA D1. I'm am also part of two honor societies, volunteer for the Salvation Army regularly, participate in a leadership position in the Sea Cadets, am two years ahead in...
  4. E

    Track/XC Recruitment

    Does anybody know around what times a male distance runner would need to get recruited? Specifically 800, 1500, 5k? Thank you!
  5. G

    How do I look so far

    I realize that it is impossible to get a yes or no answer when asking what my odds are of being accepted into an academy so I am looking for feedback on ways to improve my application and the best way to go about doing it. High School Sophomore (HS Class of 2021) I go to a large 4A private...