transfer to the academy

  1. U

    Transferring to USNA

    If someone reading this has a son or daughter who has done this then hopefully you can answer my question. But I am a current freshman in college transferring to the Naval Academy and I am wondering how to go about the transfer process, since I am not technically "transferring" (my gpa, my class...
  2. A

    From Texas A&M '21 to USNA 2023

    I have completed my first year in engineering (accepted to mechanical) at Texas A&M and am 100% sure I want to stop here and go to the Naval Academy. I want to take on the rigor of the academy, experience the incredible community there, and earn a commission to hopefully be a pilot for the US...
  3. purechaos78

    From a Engineering School to The Academy. Is it possible?

    Hey everyone, I was doing a little bit of research on this forum in order to gauge whether anyone else had attempted to transfer from a 4 year public institution to the academy. I couldn't find much so I figured I would create a thread. To give a little background, I am a freshman mechanical...