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    General major AFROTC reboarded

    DD has heart set on AFROTC- ACT 31 unweighted GPA 3.7 in Cambridge and AP. But, she plans to major in Psych. Clearly tech majors get more offers, but they could surely fill every spot with those and don’t. It is just hard to find any good info on the other 20%. How does selection for those...
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    AROTC Major

    Hello all, I just received an AFROTC type 7 scholarship as a foreign language major. I'm wondering, can I only switch between languages within my foreign language major, or can I also switch to a non-technical major? If I must stick with a foreign language, can I double major in college (i.e...
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    Any reason to put an deposit on plan b?

    In the spirit of “you don’t know, what you don’t know”, is there any reason to put a deposit down for a plan b, which is a state university with a type 7 AFROTC scholarship? My DS has been accepted at USAFA and cleared by DoDMERB. Just not sure if there are anymore “hurdles” to jump but also...
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    AFROTC Scholarship: Excess?

    Does a Type 7, AFROTC scholarship send excess financial aid if it applies? Or does it only pay off your remaining need?
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    Type 7 to Type 2 AFROTC Scholarship conversion question

    If you receive a Type 7 AFROTC Scholarship and want to convert it to a 3-year Type 2, is that request always granted to anyone who asks, or are some people not allowed to convert/told that they can't convert their scholarship?
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    AFROTC No Scholarship

    My sister just started school in Nebraska. We're getting conflicting information and can't seem to get any straight answers. She signed up for AFROTC in hopes she could get some kind of scholarship to help pay for school. She has no scholarship as of right now. She is not eligible for a 4 year...
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    Care to Chance me for AFROTC Scholarship?

    Hello everybody. I'm a male junior in high school who is rather familiar with the AFROTC scholarship application process. I was wondering if anybody familiar with the tendencies of the boards in awarding scholarships by type would be willing to give me a general idea of the likelihood of...
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    AFROTC Type 7 to 2 as a Dual Enrollment Student

    Does anyone have experience with AFROTC scholarships as a dual enrollment student? I am transferring to a private university as a Type 7 to Type 2 Scholarship student. It says it will start the second year or sophomore year. I won't be a sophomore my second year, I will be a sophomore my first...
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    AFROTC Type 7 Scholorship and Fees

    My daughter received notice on Friday that she has been offered a 4-Year, Type 7, Technical Major, Air Force ROTC college scholarship. First, I'll say that we are very excited for her, but apprehensive about her accepting the scholarship. The reason for this is that on the AFROTC.com website...