1. P

    Server down????

    Does everyone's USAFA portal state synchronization with server is taking place? It will not allow typical portal page to load. It states this is an hour process, however it has been like this for 2 hours this morning.
  2. D

    To Those Applying In High School

    First of all I wanted to congratulate all of you for applying. That's the first step. I wanted to say that I understand how stressful it is getting everything in, but hang in there! I also know that it may not work out for you the first time around, but don't worry. My Junior year of high school...
  3. Y

    USAFA Falcon Visitation Experience

    Good day everyone, My name is Jason and I'm currently a senior at my highschool. I received an e-mail from the USAFA inviting me to their FVE or Falcon Visitation Experience. I replied today saying I'm interested in attending but it's been two days since the e-mail was sent. Am I too late? More...
  4. America Works

    Writing Sample/Essay Prompts

    I searched the web for the "USAFA Writing Sample" and found some reoccurring information that I thought was valid. I wanted to share it with the prospective class of 2022, especially those of you would like to get a head start on the essay since the application is still not open. I am not...