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    USAFAPS class of 2024 Appointment List

    General suggestions/guidance: - Resist posting until there is an offer of appointment in hand/portal and you have certainty. - If you have an LOA, sit tight, wait until you have an actual offer of appointment. You will know it when you see it. - This thread is for USAFAPS. - Try not to go off...
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    USAFAPS 2024

    My son accepted his appointment to the prep school last night. Anyone else know if they will be going yet?
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    USAFA Prep

    Hello! A few days ago I was offered an appointment to USAFA prep! I have a few questions about what this means for my future. I watched a few videos that said that USAFAPS is for candidates that were good in almost all of their application but had one or two things they needed to improve on, is...
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    USAFA Prep School Appointee

    I am an Appointee for USAFAPS Class of 2019! Because BMT is in less than two months, I was wondering if I could get any tips for BMT, packing (what to bring that's not on the list), and just the Prep School in general! Thank you!