usma 2026

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    Leadership Advice

    Hey everybody! I'm applying for the class of 2026 and I have a huge concern about my leadership. At the moment, the only leadership posts I held at school are being the swim team captain and founder/president of a school club. I have not been involved with my school's student council, however, I...
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    SLE & NASS Question

    Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to the service academy forums. I just made an account today. I was recently admitted into both USMA's SLE and USNA's NASS. To my knowledge, USNA was able to host a virtual session last year, but not USMA. Is this true? For anyone who had any experience with it, how...
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    Is my GPA good for USMA 2026?

    GPA 3.99/4.47 Class rank 2nd School rank 3rd
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    Is my CFA good for USMA 2026?

    BBThrow 97ft Pull ups 17 Shuttle 8.2 Sit ups 89 Push Ups 70 Mile run 5:55
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    USMAPS Can I get in?

    Hey I was wondering how likely it is of me getting in to USMAPS and if I’m required to take the SAT or ACT and if it would help me? I am a junior in High school. I was a team captain for three varsity sports, founder of a club, charter member of an organization, and first chair in wind...