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    Scholarship for NROTC marine option- what are my chances?

    I'm planning on applying for the NROTC scholarship this summer. I have contacted my local recruiter and he wants to meet with me in May after I finish this year (11th) so we can talk. He wants to give me the ASVAB test and knows I want to be commissioned as an officer. I told him I was wanting...
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    Marine Commissioning Likelihood

    Greetings all, I recently met with a USMC recruiter about a possible future as an officer in the Marine Corps. The USMC seems like an incredibly challenging yet rewarding career path. I am applying to USNA as one of my top choices for college and wanted to know how many USNA graduates per class...
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    PLC but I won't meet the age requirements?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a junior in high school and I have been planning my way to becoming a pilot for the USMC. Part of my plan involves going to PLC during college to get a guaranteed flight contract. I want to do PLC in my freshman and sophomore year rather than the 10 weeks for...

    USNA majoring Question

    Is it possible to Major in Law and Legal Studies at USNA if not is it possible to be a lawyer if I forged a path as a USMC officer?