1. B

    USMC PLC Juniors after Junior year?

    Hello all, I was just selected for PLC juniors this summer, active duty ground contract (295 PFT, 3.6 GPA). I recently changed my major and was down exactly 1 credit hour from a “junior status” according to the Marine Corps at the time of my application, making PLC-C not an option. After this...
  2. C

    Marine to USMA?

    Hey, I was curious about: Is it possible to go from Marines to West Point? Also, if it's not possible, do I keep my time when switching from USMC to Army? I am not yet enlisted into the Marines, but I know I want to be one, however, I also want to go to college afterwards, but I've heard and...
  3. M

    College Reserves ➡️ Commission?

    Considering enlisting in Marine reserves before and during college, but also would like to become an officer down the road. Spoke with recruiting office today and they told me if I am in the reserves in college, I can commission almost immediately after I get my degree with no OCS or ROTC. Can...
  4. M

    Marine Commissioning Likelihood

    Greetings all, I recently met with a USMC recruiter about a possible future as an officer in the Marine Corps. The USMC seems like an incredibly challenging yet rewarding career path. I am applying to USNA as one of my top choices for college and wanted to know how many USNA graduates per class...
  5. D

    Interesting op-ed on Cobra Gold and COVID-19

    From an op-ed written by Marine Corps and Air Force veterans: "It's simply baffling that the U.S. military is still clinging to the barbaric killing of live animals in the Cobra Gold training that is more reminiscent of a frat party gone wrong than a military drill. ... Given all we know about...
  6. FØB Zero

    NROTC (Marine Corps v Navy)

    Howdy y’all, I was curious whether how the route one chooses for NROTC (Marine Corps v Navy v Navy Nurse) affects his/her ROTC experience in college... Does everybody in NROTC train together, participating in the same activities, regardless of which path in the navy ppl choose? Or do they...
  7. CatDog99

    “The Marine Corps’ Radical Shift toward China”

    Writing is on the wall that our military (not just USMC) is shifting focus from Counter Terrorism (CT) to the INDOPACIFIC theater....
  8. L

    Question about PLC

    I know that this is unlikely, but is it possible for a person to already be enlisted in the military, and go through PLC? Let's say someone is working on their degree stateside and is able to take enough leave to enroll in the 6 week training routines in the summer. Is this allowed...
  9. J

    Likelihood of Receiving NROTC Schlarship

    Hi, I'm currently a high school junior with a 3.85 GPA seeking the NROTC scholarship. I was in my schools IB program freshmen and sophomore year but dropped out to take dual enrollment which is where I can take college classes as a high schooler. I've been in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program...
  10. J

    Exception of Policy

    Hello, I'm currently working through the PLC process for the USMC. My waiver for a past surgery was recently denied and I thought this was the end of the road. However, my OSO mentioned he wanted to put me in for an "Exception to Policy" to the USMC HQ in regards to my surgical history. Does...
  11. N

    NROTC vs plc help!

    Hi everyone, I would love some advice! I am currently studying cyber security at a community college. I would ideally like to finish the associates and transfer to complete my BS in two years, starting fall 2020. I would love to do NROTC marine option - however, I would like to do advanced...
  12. J

    ROTC no longer an option... PLC?

    Hello all, I have had the craziest year so far from being awarded a scholarship to NROTC, to losing it to a medial DQ that was not waived, but then finding out that the AMI I submitted was not processed 6 months later... But long story short I'm now looking into the PLC program since losing my...
  13. S

    Marine Corps Ring at North Shore Near St. Pete Pier- inscribed "GregoryAka"

    A Florida resident is asking for help in finding the owner of a Marine Corps ring that was found in the water while fishing. The ring is inscribed "USMC, " "Semper Fi" and "GregoryAka". If you are Gregory, or know who Gregory might be, please go to the USNA Mid Moms and Dads fb site ...
  14. ktnatalk

    Current policy on Graduation Studies for those elect to become Marines

    This was sent to all Mids by the Brigade Academic and Assistant Operations Officer regarding U.S. Marine Corps graduate education policy this month: Below are some frequently asked questions on USMC Graduate Education. Hopefully these clear up any issues. Are Marine selects allowed to...
  15. O

    Getting Her Wings - Gift Ideas

    Been along time since my last visit ... DD (USMC 1st LT - USNA 2014) will be completing Advanced Flight Training in a couple of months. I'm looking for ideas of an appropriate gift her mom and I can present when she gets her wings? Thanks
  16. themainmane


    What would be my Date of Initial Entry into Military Service if I joined Marine PLC my freshman year of college. I'm asking because I'm trying to find a way that I can join the Marines and have the option of either the new retirement plan or the old one down the road.
  17. J

    Meeting with an OSO

    I am applying for an NROTC Marine Option Scholarship and I have heard it's helpful to meet with your local OSO before submitting your application. What are the benefits of meeting with an OSO? Is it just so you can make a good impression on him or her or are there other benefits?
  18. J

    NROTC Marine Option Recommendations

    How long does the NROTC Marine option recommendation form take to complete and what are you supposed to write about in it? I am about to ask a teacher and a coach for recommendations and I wanted to give them an idea of what they would be doing and how long it would take.
  19. DC1220

    USMMA or USMC PLC?(Marine Pilot question)

    I know its been done before, but currently im in a tough decision point. I'm a current 2nd year student at a community college. I was granted a Congressional Nomination to the USMMA and now i just recently sent in my Application for admission. I'm also working with the Marines on the PLC...