1. 1842

    NWU Type 3 Uniform Issue

    The US Navy has adopted the NWU Type III uniform effective October 2019. There is a chest rank slide holder in the gig line of the blouse for a rank. The NEX/Vanguard does not offer Midshipman chest ranks slides for the NWU uniform reflecting 1/C, 2/C etc. Example: USNA chest rank The...
  2. C

    Foolish to defer AFROTC scholarship for NROTC college option?

    Hello Everybody, For quite sometime it has been my dream to be a Naval Officer. For a while it was my dream to go to USNA, but I soon realized that I do not really care which commissioning route I take as the end result would be the same. Anyway, I recently received a 4 year type-7 AFROTC...