usna 2026

  1. M

    How to resend link to my new math teacher?

    I have problem here. I did not know my junior year Math teacher had left school before I sent him recommendation link. what should I do now since I already submitted application?
  2. J

    Personal Statement Review USNA

    Please ignore any grammatical errors, this is my rough draft and I haven't ran it by my English teachers yet. Other than that, does anybody have any pointers for my essay? (1) Describe what led to your initial interest in the naval service and how the Naval Academy will help you achieve your...
  3. A

    Formal Application

    I sent in my preliminary application a little over 2 months ago and have not received a formal application. I got the confirmation email saying that I would receive said formal application in the near future, but that was some time ago now. Is this normal? I am attending a 4-year university...
  4. K

    Leadership Advice

    Hey everybody! I'm applying for the class of 2026 and I have a huge concern about my leadership. At the moment, the only leadership posts I held at school are being the swim team captain and founder/president of a school club. I have not been involved with my school's student council, however, I...
  5. H

    SLE & NASS Question

    Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to the service academy forums. I just made an account today. I was recently admitted into both USMA's SLE and USNA's NASS. To my knowledge, USNA was able to host a virtual session last year, but not USMA. Is this true? For anyone who had any experience with it, how...
  6. A

    Is Summer Seminar Worth It

    Hello, this month I was accepted into USAFA, USNA summer seminars and SLE. I totally didn't expect it either, I kinda went on a limb with my 3.78 GPA and no athletic or barely any leadership positions. But anyways I accepted USAFA seminar because it's only $20. I didn't get the scholarship for...
  7. C

    Georgia Military College

    (If this post isn’t ok, I understand if it should be taken down. I am just sharing my experience in choosing a prep school) To anyone considering prep school, Georgia Military College has a lot to offer. From the moment I sent an inquiry to tour to hours after my visit, the staff has been...
  8. USS_Oregon

    USNA Preliminary Application

    Should I fill out the preliminary application right now or wait until I take the SAT in May? Also, how much does it matter when I fill it out? I know on their website they say it's not a "first come first serve" but still, is it even moderately that way? Thanks 👍
  9. B

    VP Nomination Application

    The application for the VP nomination just opened (March 1st). I am applying through this link: It says to send recommendation letters to the academies themselves. It doesn't really give any more information...
  10. B

    Summer Seminar Decisions??

    I am applying to USNA Class of 2026. I applied to the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar on January 5th. I understand that applications close March 31st. Will decisions be sent out by April? Or when can we expect to hear back?