usna 2027

  1. M

    I am proud, proud, proud, but sad to see him go. 2027 incoming Plebe. Watch out world!

    I don't know about anyone else, but here I sit, proud as heck of my son for making it. We drop him off in just a few days and it will be thousands of miles away, in a place we won't have access to him just to talk or whatever. I sure hope this country appreciates what they are getting (and this...
  2. Betren

    USNA vs. NROTC MC option

    The Naval Academy has always been my number one school, however I got the NROTC Marine Corps scholarship as a back up plan to not getting accepted. The recruiters have been using the argument that the Marine Corps isn’t a guarantee through the Naval Academy. I want to attend USNA more than...
  3. Long-Shot

    CFA rejected. Where should I improve most?

    Hello all. I am a 17 year old male and I've taken my CFA twice, rejected both times. This recent one was rejected even after I improved quite a bit from my original. Does anyone know where I need to improve most? Scores (this is the second score, my most recent one) B-Ball Throw: 42-43 ft...
  4. M

    DODMERB Waiver Request w/LOA: What do I do now?

    Sorry for the lengthy question, but a little background: I am a Class of 2027 applicant who has received two LOAs to USNA and USMA as well as noms to both from my local MOC. When the DODMERB site was up, the two waiver requests from both academies appeared for the same condition in early...
  5. G

    Do you think I could get in

    I am a female in Dallas, TX applying to the class of 2027 for USNA. Here are my stats: - 3.87 Weighted GPA - 1320 SAT - AP Scholar with Distinction (5s on APUSH, APES, Lang, HUGO; 4s on Euro and Seminar) - Two internships (one with law firm, one with my Mayor) - Varsity swim and varsity water...
  6. Tom Nicholas

    Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW) Review

    Hello Everyone, Our son completed a CVW this weekend. There were maybe 50-60 other student-candidates also attending. Our son's Mid was sharp, welcoming, shared a bunch of great info, and introduced him to many more Mids. He is a humanities major, history I think; which is somewhat rare...
  7. F

    How are Pilot's License and Civil Air Patrol viewed for USAFA/USNA

    If it's not obvious already– I want to be a pilot so I'm applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027. Because of that, I'm training to get my PPL and just joined the CAP (hoping to become a VFR pilot). I am doing these things because I want to do them, but I am also trying to get into these...
  8. F

    Osteochondral Lesion/Microfracture Surgery Waivers

    Applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027... I had some pain in my knee playing basketball in 8th grade and I was diagnosed by MRI with an osteochondral lesion (cartilage on kneecap was damaged). To fix it, I had microfracture surgery to fix the cartilage. Long story short, my knee has...