usna 2027

  1. Tom Nicholas

    Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW) Review

    Hello Everyone, Our son completed a CVW this weekend. There were maybe 50-60 other student-candidates also attending. Our son's Mid was sharp, welcoming, shared a bunch of great info, and introduced him to many more Mids. He is a humanities major, history I think; which is somewhat rare...
  2. F

    How are Pilot's License and Civil Air Patrol viewed for USAFA/USNA

    If it's not obvious already– I want to be a pilot so I'm applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027. Because of that, I'm training to get my PPL and just joined the CAP (hoping to become a VFR pilot). I am doing these things because I want to do them, but I am also trying to get into these...
  3. F

    Osteochondral Lesion/Microfracture Surgery Waivers

    Applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027... I had some pain in my knee playing basketball in 8th grade and I was diagnosed by MRI with an osteochondral lesion (cartilage on kneecap was damaged). To fix it, I had microfracture surgery to fix the cartilage. Long story short, my knee has...