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    I have some questions about becoming a Navy, Air Force, or Marine Doctor (USUHS question also)

    That's a pretty broad title, so I apologize for that. I want to have a career in the Navy or Marines branch of the military serving as an emergency physician. I'd like to end up going to medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health and Science (USUHS), but I don't know where to...
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    New Medical Update?

    Hello Everyone, New to the website. I am applicant to USUHS and already had my initial DODMERB physical. I went to my normal PCP after and they heard an "innocent" heart murmur (the physical doing my DODMERB did not say anything regarding my heart). For precautionary measures, my PCP wanted to...
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    Applying to Residency After Medical School

    I was hoping to receive some information/insight on the process for midshipmen who were accepted to the medical corps after graduation, finished medical school, and are in the process of applying to residencies. I was told by a USMA grad in his final year of residency that some of his Navy USUHS...
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    TAMU Career

    I'm attending Texas A&M Kingsville next fall and then Texas A&M College Station the following year as I am in the PAS program. I want a career in the army AMEDD for as long as possible and do not plan on leaving until retirement. Uniformed Service University is my next one and only goal after...