varsity sports

  1. E

    Varsity Letter

    Let me explain my situation: I am a rising senior and will be involved in track next year. Since track season is AFTER the West Point application deadline, I will not be able to include the varsity letter I get next year in this year’s application. Is it even worth doing track if I can’t put it...
  2. T

    Personal Question about Attending USNA as women...

    Hi, to everyone who views and replies.👋 I've been Recruited to run Track and Field at USNA. I'll Be class of 25'. I've never really thought of going to a military academy until the coach contacted me at the beginning of this school year. I've always seen going into the military as a last resort...
  3. 2

    Does varsity air rifle count?

    I'm a sophemore and I'm on the varsity air rifle team. I don't play any other sports, though. Will varsity air rifle count, or do I need to join another sport, even if I may not make varsity? Am I too late?
  4. N

    Sports Question

    What is varsity navy soccer like? If I play intramural, is it possible to play varsity later? Also, are midshipmen required to play sports?
  5. 2

    How does being a recruited athlete affect admission

    How does being a recruited athlete affect the admission board's decision? I have been in contact with one of the coaches and he mentioned an endorsement that he sends to the admissions board. Does anyone know any more information about this?
  6. Ulfberht

    Acceptance into USAFA without a varsity letter

    I am currently completing my application to the United States Air Force Academy and as I was filling out the athletic portion, I became slightly worried. I do not have a varsity letter in a sport. I have been on my school's swim team every year of high school, and last year I tried out Tennis...
  7. D

    Varsity vs. Commitment in Sports

    Hello, This is my first post, but I am certain that I am not a troll. I am a rising Junior (2 days til school starts) and have been on the track team since freshman year. I show commitment by showing up to all meets and practices. I have actively improved my times (I have made USAFA CPFT...
  8. H

    Varsity Sports Question

    Does anyone have information on how the service academies view playing in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy program versus high school varsity soccer. I played varsity soccer my freshman year and was named All-Metro and Offensive MVP but then I transferred to a boarding school for soccer on a...
  9. M

    Varsity sports question

    Hello! In the past, I've done two individual varsity sports (I didn't receive letters in them) and I'm contemplating between either doing Lacrosse or Football next where I know I'll receive a letter. I have non-varsity experience in both sports and I enjoy playing them a lot. The R.A.N.D. A.A.S...
  10. L

    Varsity Athletics: Are they worth it?

    Hi everyone! I am being recruited for a varsity sport at USNA (I am interested in attending regardless of sports). My question is: Are varsity athletics worth the great time commitment? and Is it possible to maintain a very good class rank when involved with a varsity sport? lastly Does...