1. J

    Accepted to VMI but AFROTC waiver denied?

    Hello, recently I was accosted to the co 2023 for VMI. But for my DODMERB for the other SAs and the hs AFROTC had me medically disqualified. I was only able to get a waiver from USAFA recently, and got denied a waiver from AFROTC. Should I even continue with the final checklist for VMI? I was...
  2. C

    Questions from the Incoming Rat Mass of 2020+3?

    Good Evening, This is directed towards the members of the Incoming Rat Mass of 2020+3: Hello! I'm currently a 4th Class Cadet at VMI, and I was wondering if any of you had questions regarding life at the Institute as a new cadet (RAT). As a 4th, I am by no means an expert on the ins and outs...
  3. Osprey

    On campus AFROTC scholarships

    After reading the material online I have a pretty good handle on the national Air Force ROTC scholarship process, but haven’t found much information about on campus Air Force ROTC scholarships. How are these selections made and how difficult are they to come by? All else being equal (gpa...
  4. Laurantwins

    Where to stay - visiting VMI in October

    Looking for hotel or vrbo recommendations! We'll be in Lexington for VMI Open House on October 25-26. I'm wondering if it's best to stay in town - I saw a couple of hotels within walking distance of VMI - or outside of town. I also saw some vrbo/airbnb cabins on the outskirts of town. Where...
  5. B

    VMI Regimental Band & Extracurricular Activities?

    How much time does the VMI Regimental Band take out of you're schedule?? How often are practice during a typical week and how often are there marching performances and long distance trips??? Do you have to join the Regimental Band first in order to join other musical bands like the Commander's...
  6. B

    VMI Ratline & PT

    What are some of the specific exercises that VMI Cadre make rats do during the ratline? How many reps and how many sets? How often? How can I best prepare in terms of muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance before I matriculate this fall? Would maxing out my VMI Fitness Test or APFT help...
  7. B

    Best Way to Avoid being a lousy "Butter Bar" 2nd LT after ROTC & SA??

    Does anyone have any good advice on how to best prepare in Army ROTC to become a decent Infantry Platoon Officer and to avoid bad "butter bar" lieutenant mistakes?? What are some common mistakes that newly commissioned 2nd lieutenants make after completing ROTC and Service Academies? Would it be...
  8. B

    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    What are the order of ranks in the Corps of Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute from least to greatest and what do each of the insignias look like for each rank?? I am very eager to memorize the chain of command and ranks at VMI before I matriculate this fall. Also, what is the application...
  9. C

    Summer Transition Program (STP) - Virginia Fitness Test (VFT)?

    Hello SA Forum Community, As I get ready to attend VMI's STP, I would just like to know what kind of PT to expect. More importantly, will the VFT be administered while I'm at the STP? Thanks! Sincerely, C76706340
  10. A

    What are my chances of acceptance into VMI?

    Starting my senior year in August, so I'm applying this summer, and I wanted some opinions on my chances of acceptance. Thanks. Academics: GPA: 3.4 (Unweighted) 3.71 (Weighted) ACT: 27 Composite Extracurricular: JROTC: Freshmen - Senior year Squad leader, platoon...
  11. C

    VMI Final H.S. Transcript

    The document submission deadline to commit to VMI is May 1st. However, one of the documents I have to submit is my final H.S. transcript. Problem is, my final H.S. transcript won't be ready by May 1st. Thoughts? Is anyone else in the same dilemma?
  12. C

    VMI Ratline Severity

    I just read a Washington Post article that painted a grim reality of life in the Ratline. Given that the article was written in the 90s, I was wondering if the Ratline is still as intense as it was back then (the “old corps”). Here’s the article...
  13. C

    VMI Institute Scholarship Program Interview

    Hello VMI community, I received a letter from VMI yesterday notifying me that I had been selected as a potential candidate for VMI's Institute Scholarship Program. However, I was also informed that I'll need to sit in for an interview conducted by "members of the scholarship selection...
  14. H

    Hazing (or lack thereof) at SMC’s...?

    DS was awarded an Immediate Scholarship Reservation (ISR) NROTC Scholarship. He hasn’t been placed yet, but listed on his application and has been accepted to VMI, Citadel, and Norwich. He got a bit spooked very recently, though, reading some stories about hazing problems at some of the SMCs...
  15. C

    Commissioning at VMI

    Hello VMI community, I recently watched a VMI promotional video which discussed the opportunity given to VMI cadets to pursue and accept a commission should they be inclined to do so. However, the video did not state whether or not there existed competition to receive a commission. If you...
  16. W

    Ask Me Anything: Rat at Virginia Military Institute

    I'm currently a Rat wrapping up the Ratline, or six month indoctrination process at VMI. Also, a mechanical engineering major and Midshipman 4th Class in the Naval ROTC unit at VMI. Ask me anything!
  17. J


    My DS received an AROTC 4-year scholarship and accepted to VMI. He loves the idea of going to VMI, HOWEVER, he knows how prestigious getting into the USNA is. Besides the pros and cons of each school, what would be the pros and cons of being in the Army vs Navy?
  18. J

    VMI Notification

    Has anyone gotten notification regarding VMI as of yet? My son has applied early decision and is anxiously awaiting to hear if he got accepted.
  19. J

    Advance Math Class, Drop or Fail, For VMI and USNA

    My son is applying to AROTC and NROTC scholarships, USNA, VMI and Citadel. He has a 1270 SAT (670 math) and a 3.6 gpa. Leadership classes, Varsity sports, volunteer time, AP classes and so much more. The question I have is what is better to have, a Fail in pre-calculus or not have taken it? Will...
  20. L

    chance of getting into VMI?

    pretty weak resume imo 3.3 UW GPA, 3.6 Weighted 31 ACT I don't know if they just check GPA or rigor of individual courses, but my GPA is low due to electives like french and psychology. My grades in engineering, math and history are good, and science and english grades are ok. 4 ap 9 honors...