1. M

    Wait List Process?

    As of last Friday (April 1), I have been informed that I am on the wait list. I was just curious to how the wait list works. I know that the deadline for appointment confirmation is May 1st, so will those of us who are on the wait list not hear anything before that date or is it a moving process...
  2. 5Day

    NROTC College Waitlist

    DS has been waitlisted at his first choice college, the same school where his NROTC scholarship is placed. He has been accepted to other NROTC colleges, and he is still waiting on decisions from a few more schools. I have a few questions and some guidance would be appreciated. If we request a...
  3. Chlobear


    Hey everyone! I'm a college freshman on scholarship in AFROTC who applied for an Advanced I Chinese Program through Project GO. I took Chinese for four years in high school and I'm in college-level third year Chinese currently, hoping to potentially double major in chemistry and Chinese. I had a...