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    The long wait... (Just a vent post)

    I have just received my medical waiver for West Point after waiting patiently for roughly 2.5 months. Now that I am 3q'd, all I have to do is wait for a response until May. Waiting feels more nerve-racking than being in an interview. Although I am a bit late to the race, I hope there's still a...
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    Awaiting Receipt Of Remedial

    Because I was pending disqualification, DODMERB had me complete AMIs and I turned them in. When I emailed them the person responded saying they got my AMIs and would forward them and that it should take 15 business days to process. That was back on the first day of November. When I check my...
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    Should I Email the Director of Noms/Appts for USNA?

    Hi everyone! I forgot to mention that the Director of Noms/Appts emailed me March 7th asking if I’d accept an appointment in the event I received the VP nomination (I’m that LOA/no nomination case!). So, since I’ve been trying to get a status update, I was wondering if it’d be worth a try to...
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    4 Days Past Admission Decisions — Still Haven’t Heard Back

    Hi everyone! I’m still waiting! I was wondering if anybody else is too? Should I email my admissions counselor or just continue waiting? I’ve already accepted plan B, but if I were offered an appointment, either to USNA or NAPS, I’d take it. I have an LOA, no nomination, and considering I...
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    Anybody Still Waiting for USNA?

    Hey all! I’m still waiting... not CPR, but LOA with no nomination. Anybody else still CPR or in my shoes as well?