1. C

    Chances for Waiver Approval?

    Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of applying to USMA's class of 2028. My DQ Condition is "History of systemic allergic reaction to biting or stinging insects". USMA has requested a waiver for my conditions but I am still doubtful that it will be granted although I don't have these...
  2. T

    USAFA Decision!

    I just received an LOA from USAFA today! I already got my nomination and passed the CFA but I'm still waiting on a medical waiver for a history of eczema. Does my chances of getting a waiver change/increase now that I have an LOA? I am super excited, however I've read on a couple online...
  3. S

    Can I get Naval/Marine Officer flight surgeon to do my eye exam or even entire flight medical as a civilian before applying?

    I am looking to become an officer in the USMC and apply for an air contract when I do it. I am somewhat familiar with the process. However, I don’t want to get to flight school and be medically disqualified like some people have that I have heard of by other officers/officer candidates and...
  4. 4

    Waiver Letter Assistance

    Hi. Does anyone have experience writing waiver letter? Looking for an example or guidance please?
  5. M

    Peanut Allergy Waiver Possibility- USNA

    Hello, I am graduating high school in about a month (class of 2021), and still am pending a waiver for USNA due to a non-anaphylactic peanut allergy. I have a final exam in about a week for an ingestion and skin test, and am curious if anyone has any knowledge regarding this area. I have...
  6. F

    Waiver Assistance

    Dear Everyone, I am currently in the process of applying to the USNA and the USMMA, I have completed every step and the last thing I needed was to be cleared by DODMERB. They had flagged me for having a history with psoriasis. In reality I have a mild case of psoriasis that isn't visible, my...
  7. R

    Recruiting problem

    I am trying to enlist in the US Army. My recruiter had submitted waivers for some surgeries I had when I was younger. They got approved but he "forgot" to put in a Med form for a hernia I had repaired. I asked if he could add it and he told me that I could only submit one waiver and I was just...
  8. U

    Advice/Thoughts/Negative Advice-ROTC

    So, first and foremost, Hello to all who will be reading this post. This post is pretty much about my story and thoughts on what anyone thinks. To start, I must remind you all that nobody is perfect and we all have made decisions that we are not proud of, but to contradict that statement, I do...
  9. S

    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets ROTC Waivers?

    I’ve been thinking of applying to Virginia Tech as a cadet, however, I just have once concern, if anyone could help me out. In their handbook for incoming cadets that would “like to fully participate” in the program with or without a scholarship, it states that a DoDMERB Qualification form...
  10. C

    Rosacea Waiver denied for the Navy.

    First off let me apologize in advance: I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for me, but I don't know where to go. I am trying to join the Navy as an enlisted, but was DQ'd at MEPS for rosacea. I submitted a waiver with a note from a dermatologist denying any such skin conditions. All the...
  11. K

    Dreaded asthma after 13

    My son has asthma listed several times, always when he had a respiratory infection. We had a full PFT and passed with flying colors. Pulmonologist stated in report unlikely to have or had asthma. The DoDMETs examining Doc put asymptomatic for asthma on the report. Will the DoDMERB accept that...
  12. F

    Waiting for remedial results

    I went for a remedial for my astigmatism in mid December, and my medical status has still not been updated. 3 days ago, I received an email from the USAFA waiver authority saying that I needed to take action on my remedial. I replied back that I had already done the remedial over a month ago and...
  13. R

    USAFA Waiver Request

    I am a candidate for USAFA and USNA, but I was medically disqualified by DoDMERB. On January 5th, USAFA notified me that they requested a medical waiver for me on my behalf, but my DoDMERB portal still displays "Pending Waiver Submission/Review" and the last update was made on September 25th...
  14. K

    ADHD and ROTC- possible DQ?

    Hello, I have been reading and noticed a lot going back and forth based on if I needed a waiver or if I would even be DQ based on where I read. Hopefully you can give me a more clear answer on whether this is something I should continue to pursue. I was prescribed some sort of ADHD meds(I think...
  15. J

    Waiver for DoDMERB, but what about AFSC?

    During AFROTC, if someone get's DQ for DoDMERB but gets a waiver, do they then have to do the same thing when they get their AFSC? Let's say you took the DoDMERB, got DQ, got a waiver and now you got a slot as a Missileer one year later, but need a Flight Class III physical. Do you have to go...
  16. J

    Chances of Peanut Allergy DQ

    I'm an AS200 in AFROTC. I have my DoDMERB appointments coming up in a few weeks. I have a minor allergy to peanuts. I can eat small amounts of them, all that happens is when I have too much I get a rash on my arm. I'm constantly exposed to them at home, cross contamination on a daily basis, and...
  17. USMAapp25

    Waiver Time Issue

    I am applying to the USMA, and have completely finished my application over a month ago; however, I ran into problems with a DoDMERB disqualification for ADHD. I have been off of the medication for over a year and have improved my grades while off of medication, as well as scoring a 29 ACT (for...
  18. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    This morning I was medically disqualified from West Point for ADHD. I have been off of my medication for almost a year now, have never had any additional accommodations for ADHD, have taken my ACT off medication and scored a 30, improved my GPA by .5 points off of the medication first semester...
  19. I

    Waivers for Different SA

    I have been medically cleared and received a waiver from USAFA for my high myopia. Does this waiver carry over to USMA as well?
  20. ktnatalk

    New NIH Guidelines/News on Peanut Allegry/Eczema

    New thinking and solution released relates to peanut allergy and eczema. Future candidates for Class of 2035 may have less DQ's and needing waivers...