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    What Happens at USNA during times of war

    As Iran just launched missles on a US Base. The possibility of war with major powers is looming. I am a candidate for 2024. I was wondering hoe USNA changes during times of war. Would it be accelerated?
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    President Trump Pardons Accused War Criminals

    I was wondering what y'all think of these pardons? As a current active duty officer, I wanted to see what the general consensus of the president's actions have been on the morale and ethics process for the US Military...
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    War with Syria?

    I hope the Clinton warmongers are happy that they got what they wanted. Hopefully Trump realizes his mistake and retracts his idiotic war of aggression scheme that has plagued our military policy for the past 20 years! However, there could be a positive to this if played out right. Maybe Trump...