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    Confused on how the NWL works

    I have gotten a nomination from my representative, but they're having a breakfast where they're announcing who will be getting the principal nomination. I have high hopes since I know my rep appointed 6-8 people for Air Force, and my interview and application were strong. If I don't get the...
  2. G

    RAND Study Accuracy?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how accurate Rand's study was on the WCS. I attached a copy of the study and the part that I am referring to on WCS in on pages 9-12. https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR700/RR723/RAND_RR723.pdf
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    Varsity sports question

    Hello! In the past, I've done two individual varsity sports (I didn't receive letters in them) and I'm contemplating between either doing Lacrosse or Football next where I know I'll receive a letter. I have non-varsity experience in both sports and I enjoy playing them a lot. The R.A.N.D. A.A.S...
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    W.C.S. Athletics Question

    At the 600 points mark for the W.C.S.'s A.A.S. scoring rubric it says "Captain of team (other than baseball/softball, basketball, or football). Varsity letter in baseball/softball, basketball or football. Varsity letter in two or more sports (other than baseball/softball, basketball, or...
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    Is the WCS still being used by the USMA?

    In an older thread, I saw a WCS "rubric" per say listing the points allocated to an applicant when applying to the USMA. Is this still being used today? Sorry if the question seems ridiculous I'm quite new to the entire process. Thank you! Also to be clear, this is the link of the WCS "rubric"...
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    CFA's weight in application

    Hello, is there any chance of being offered an appointment if every aspect of the application is extremely strong (4.0 gpa, 30 ACT, president of NHS, officer of SADD club, Officer of Peer Leaders, Yearbook editor, science team member, Cross country and Track all 4 years, good letters of rec...