“Best spot” to view Oath ceremony?

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    So this June 27th will be our 4th IDay. Try as we did the first year, we couldn't find our Plebe marching in. So the next two years, (and this year) we pre-arrange an easy to find shady area to meet after the oath, stake our claim to that area about an hour before the oath, then wait somewhere cool and comfortable until just before the oath starts. We then either congregate by the walls next to the bleachers, or go under the tunnel and view the march on. Once they've marched on, we head to our designated area and sit and enjoy the ceremony in the shade from afar. You can still hear everything pretty well, especially the "I Do". We get lots of pictures when our Plebe approaches the designated spot, and take several during the brief time they have with us, but we don't worry about pictures of the actual oath ceremony, as the Alumni Association and others will post a ton of pictures to pour through when you return home from IDAY. When they march back in, we always try to get a picture or video of the doors slamming shut on Mother B.

    We always had a blanket, drink, and subway sandwich (both kept in small cooler lunch box with icepack), but never brought folding chairs, as we didn't feel like lugging them, but we may change that up, now that we have those Tommy Bahama backpack chairs with a cooler attached, lol.

    Do NOT be surprised if your normally jovial, easy going kiddo is suddenly "shell shocked". Completely normal, so expect it, but don't worry- they'll snap out of it and soon you'll find pictures of them actually smiling during plebe summer!
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    For those of us who are actually in the XYZ group, I don't like this advice :) Happy I-Day everyone!
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    If you see my post earlier in the thread, your picture is the vantage point I was referring to. My Plebe summer room was about 3-4 rooms to the right (viewing down like the photo-toward the Wing 3) from where that photo was taken !
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