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    Now I don't know about all you guys, but I personally enjoy watching TED talks, as they have helped give me direction in my life. That being said, one of my personal favorites was this - http://www.ted.com/talks/cesar_kuriyama_one_second_every_day - as it inspired me with a way to remember my life by. After watching it, I took to Youtube to find some 1 Second a Day life videos, which brings me to the topic here. I found three videos of life at the Naval Academy (1 in the life of a final semester firstie, and 2 in the lives of first semester plebes) which I figured I might as well share here. As a future candidate, I truly have no idea what life will be like at the Academy should I get in, but I feel these showcase how personalized and varied each person's adventure may be better than any other media, as each one is truly different yet still remarkable. Since these have inspired me so much, here they are for your enjoyment as well:
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    I found this app about two months ago and started my own video of my (hopefully) last semester at a university. It's definitely a great project so far.

    Often, it's easy to look back and think you haven't done much over a period of time. One second of each day reminds you of special times with special people, and lets you see how much your life has changed in a short span of time.

    Great find!
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    Since I went to the Academy a gazillion years ago we we didn't have handy high tech cell phones that make so much if this convenient. Tons of my friends did a photo a day firstie year. They were awesome projects. You want to do something like this, go for it. Great way to remember it all.
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    I saw the first one too! One of my favorites.

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