100s Night?

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    Okay, I'll admit to being ignorant. What is 100s night? It sounds to me that it's the 100th night after arrival at the Academy? Whatever it is, it sure sounds like fun.
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    100's night celebrates the C1Cs' last 100 days at the Academy. On 100's night, the C1Cs receive their first assignments for after graduation. On the weekend, the firsties leave campus and the C4Cs "decorate" the firsties' rooms. It is quite the festive occassion. Some rooms are filled with paper airplanes, some rooms are covered in plastic wrap. Others have beach scenes (including sand) put in the rooms. One room had a VW disassembled outside and reassembled in the room. I hope this helps.
    See http://www.serviceacademyforums.com/showthread.php?t=24373 for more info.

    Good luck and happy stalking. :thumb:

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