149 Years Ago today...

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    Was the Battle of New Market . Among the casualties in this Confederate victory that blocked General Siegel's advance up the Valley were 57 VMI cadets including 10 KIA- about 25 % of the Corps. It was a short lived victory- a month later Union forces under Gen Hunter advanced as far as Lexington and shelled and burned VMI. The "I" was re-opened in 1866 and has celebrated the anniversary of New Market Day ever since with a Parade and wreath laying at the graves of the 6 Cadets buried at the foot of the statue "Virginia Mourning her Dead" by world famous sculptor Sir Moses Ezekiel who was a member of the Corps that fought at New Market.
    Graduation is never before New Market Day- so for most cadets- the New Market parade is the last parade of their time at VMI- as is the case for the Class of 2013 which will graduate tomorrow.
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    Did the cadets leave shoes on the deck on purpose? I was helping s4 I wasn't at the parade.

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