2007 Fundraising Drive

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Jun 8, 2006
Goal: $1000
Raised to date: $550

Forum Members,

It's time for our 2007 Fundraising Drive. Our goal is to raise $1000 for forum operations. This money will be used for forum software, hosting, advertising, contract work and other operational expenses. The drive will run from 31st March to the 1st of June.

One purpose of the money will be to update the forum software with modifications as well as visual improvements. This is to make it more pleasing, hoping to attract new members and keep existing ones. We're also looking into forum modification to make it easier to register and activate your account.

Another goal is to increase our advertising and search engine hits in order to bring in more members. Further, we're hoping to attract specialists (such as BGOs, prior military, cadets, etc.). This will provide an even better forum experience for our members and a greater information base.

We are also hoping to take action to prevent and reduce spam and hacking.

Please use the group memberships area in the User CP to subscribe and donate. Click on User CP and under the Miscellaneous click on Paid Subscriptions. If you have any questions about how to donate please post them. (http://www.serviceacademyforums.com/payments.php)

All that is required is a credit card, and the payment system is through paypal.

Also, if there is anything donating members would like to have (such as signature hosting and signature graphic permissions) please post and we will see what we can do. We are interested in supporting those members who support us.

We purposely do not use advertising on our website because it is intrusive to members and distracts from our purpose. Our hope is to continue to not use advertising and rely on donations instead. This has been our plan so far and we hope we are offering a service that our members appreciate and are interested in supporting. We believe that what we offer here is unique and the experience is one worth supporting. If you feel the same way, please help the site by donating.

Thank you for your time.


Thank you to all our donors who contribute to supporting the site. All our donors can be viewed under "Forum Leaders". Below are the new donors who have donated during this funding drive:

The Commissioner
app ma

These are the individuals that allow this service to be brought to our members. Without them this site would not exist.
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Thanks to the hard work of founding members, this forum provides a supportive venue to those seeking information about life at the academies and military colleges along with their admissions processes. I’m a supporting member of this forum because, as a service academy parent, the issues discussed here are what we sought most in beginning our journey with our son . We had very little help back then and to see the many questions posted here daily along with the knowledgeable answers, make this forum’s worth ~ priceless.

From the DODMERB questions and answers to the people at or from the academies & military colleges relating their advice, most who visit here are offered a step forward to the road blocks sometimes encountered during the application process. All are offered a community in which to discuss a common focus of interest. At times, you will find it to be entertaining as well. :shake:

Your contribution will help in seeing that this forum continues to grow and operate. We would be most pleased by your consideration in donating to our worthy cause especially if you have found help here. I wish to add a HUGE thanks to all who have served or will be serving.

With many thanks again,
I found this forum last June when my son was getting into the application process. He had attended Summer Seminar, and was sure he wanted to go to the Air Force Academy.
After looking for information myself for a while, I was told about this site, and began reading everything on here that I could. After asking some questions in forums, I began to realize that this whole process was going to be a long journey. The information that I found here has made the whole process much more understandable. I decided last August that I would become a Gold Supporting member of the forum. When you look at the value that is gained by the information here, there isn't really any reason not to support the site. There are a whole lot worse ways to spend $50 or $30. For the cost of lunch or dinner out for your family, you get to help a site that has spent a lot of time helping many candidates and parents.
The site owner and moderators volunteer their time on here, and all of the funds raised go to help keep the site going, with costs for software and site hosting. As this site grows, so do the costs to keep it top notch.
I am asking everyone on here who has benefitted to think about this. As a parent of a 2011 appointee to the USAFA, I can say that this site was one of the best things that we had during the whole process.


This site is extremely well moderated. The answers to all questions are accurate and speedy. Reading posts on this forum greatly facilitated my son's and my survival of the service academy application process. It is very helpful to know that others are in it with you!

I want to thank everyone in this community for the support you provide. You are a wonderful, caring, giving, and fun-loving group of selfless volunteers.
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