2007 Naval Academy Commissioning Week Events


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May 5, 2007

Each year about 1,000 midshipmen graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy. Graduation week would not be complete without fireworks, rigorous challenges and fighter plane demonstrations that mark the annual rite of passage. Because the Naval Academy is strongly tied to the Annapolis community, many residents look forward to these long-standing traditions each spring. Here is a schedule of activities on the Naval Academy grounds in Annapolis. All events are free unless otherwise indicated....
For Mids, a dash to make history

Women hope this is their year to reach top of monument first

Published in the BS:


Barbara Morris almost had it.

Standing on the shoulders of her male classmates on a humid spring day in 1977, she clung to the top of a 21-foot obelisk coated with lard and reached to pull off the hat perched on the top....

...Instead, with the prize literally within her grasp, she was yanked down by her classmates, an incident still remembered as emblematic of all the insults, abuse and derision the women had fought so hard to root out....

Barbara Morris didn't almost have it. The "'dixie cup" was cut into numerous pieces and was adhered to Herndon with an epoxy concocted in the Chemistry Department by the Upperclass. The Upperclass went to this length to make sure that the cap would not be removed by a female midshipman. The Plebe who got the cap off Herndon, literally had to rip it off in pieces with his teeth.

...In the days before the 1977 climb, described in detail in the 1998 book First Class, by 1980 graduate Sharon Hanley Disher, seniors had printed and sold shirts with a picture of the statue and the acronym NGOH, which stood for "No Girls On Herndon."...

I have one of those shirts. There had blue rims just like the official USNA shirts and looked like the real thing under the white works. The word was put out, that if anyone was caught wearing those shirts it was an automatic Class A offense.
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Class of 2010 - 1:32:42

Mids scale Herndon Monument, say goodbye to plebe year

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


The Naval Academy Class of 2010 left their plebe year behind this morning as a lanky teenager from Detroit scaled the lard-coated Herndon Monument.

In an annual rite of passage, Midshipman 4th Class Jamie Schrock, 18, reached the top of the 21-foot-tall granite obelisk after 1 hour, 32 minutes and 42 seconds....

Midshipman 4th Class Jamie Schrock of Detroit nears the top of the lard-covered Herndon Monument at the Naval Academy Thursday morning. It took the Class of 2010 1 hour, 32 minutes and 42 seconds to scale Herndon, an annual rite of passage for academy plebes.
Annapolis roads to close for Navy graduation

Defense Secretary Gates to speak at academy ceremonies Friday

Published in the BS:


Annapolis police are warning motorists that they should expect road closures, traffic delays and congestion as early as 7 a.m. tomorrow because of the Naval Academy graduation.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates is scheduled to address the Naval Academy's Class of 2007 during the graduating and commissioning ceremony, which will be held at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium at 10 a.m....
Heavenly Angels

Blue Angels' performance wows thousands

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


The Blue Angels soared over Annapolis yesterday, dropping jaws and putting cricks in necks as thousands watched the team perform precision aerobatic feats.

The show brought droves of spectators to the Naval Academy, many of whom picnicked in the infield of Ingram Field, the school's track, to watch the six jets roll, loop, dive and thrill in a 45-minute performance over the Severn River....

The Blue Angels elite aerobatic team makes a dramatic pass over the Severn River and the Naval Academy Bridge during the annual show in the skies over Annapolis Wednesday.
USMC Award Ceremony and Orientation

The United States Marine Corps Awards Ceremony and Family Orientation Brief was held on Tuesday, 22 May 2007 in Alumni Hall.

USNA. Colonel Michael J. Paulovich, USMC introduced those midshipmen that would be commissioned in the Marine Corps. Eight awards were presented to the outstanding 1/C midshipmen; the awards included:

* The Nickerson Award, a Marine Officer’s Sword and Scabbard, went to MIDN James K. Everett, USN, who demonstrated superior leadership, integrity and potential as a future Marine Corps officer.

* The Krulak Award, an “Eagle, Globe, and Anchor” statue, was given to MIDN Ryan W. Pallas, USN who best demonstrated the Marine Corps values of "Honor, Courage, and Commitment."

* The Ripley Award, presented by Col. John W. Ripley, USMC (Ret.), '62, an “Eagle, Globe, and Anchor” statue, went to MIDN Patrick N. Coffman, USN, who demonstrated the highest sense of physical prowess.

* The Adair Award, presented by George P. Watt, Jr., President and CEO, USNA Alumni Association and Foundation, a Marine Officer’s Dress Blue uniform, was given to MIDN Brent R. Stoecker, USN, who is the graduating president of the Semper Fidelis Society.

* The Marine Corps Association Award, a $150 gift certificate to the MCA Bookstore, went to MIDN Timothy D. Burchett, USN, who had the highest academic order of merit.

* The Buse Award (presented in memory of LtGEN Henry W. Buse, Jr., USMC, Class of 1934), a Marine Officer’s Sword and Scabbard, went to MIDN John P. Alspach, USN who was selected as the outstanding graduate of the Leatherneck summer training program.

* The Fuller Award, a U.S. Marine Corps desk clock, was given to MIDN Byron M. McCoy, USN, who wrote the best military science paper in the Marine Corps Capstone course.

* The Class of 1957 Award, a Marine Officer’s Sword and Scabbard, went to MIDN Andre A. Alves, USN who best distinguished himself most in the pursuit of Professional Military Education.

Following the award presentation was an orientation brief on the Marine Corps.

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Academy Ring Dance steeped in tradition : Class of '58 donates own rings to be melted into Class of 2008 rings

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


There are dances and then there are dances. Though rain and cool weather threatened Saturday's outdoor Ring Dance at the Naval Academy, hundreds of couples rocked to live music on a tented dance floor at Hospital Point and waited expectantly for the fireworks that would bring another year's tradition to an end.

Most of the men wore uniforms, though there were a few lonely penguin tuxes in the crowd. The women wore either glamorous, ultra-feminine evening gowns or mess dress uniforms - a clear sign who was a civilian and who wasn't....
The Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business Review today announced the finalists for a new award recognizing ethical leadership in the U.S. business community. The Leadership Excellence Award honors top executives for principled leadership, exceptional achievement and a commitment to developing employees.

"These leaders exemplify the best of what American business has to offer," said Vice Admiral Michael Haskins, United States Navy (Ret.) and dean of the Stockdale Center. "They deliver outstanding results and adhere to the highest ethical standards, raising the bar for all business leaders."

A distinguished panel of judges, including leaders from the business and military worlds, selected 13 finalists from a broad field of nominees recommended by their company's chief executive officer. Finalists have demonstrated ethical leadership, noteworthy contributions to the development of fellow employees, and an ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Winners will be announced at a banquet dinner on July 18 at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. as part of the Leadership Excellence Summit, a three-day business leadership conference exploring ethics, integrity and character.

Winners will also participate in panel discussions exploring the role of ethical leadership in business today.

The finalists are:

  • Charles T. (Tom) Burbage, executive vice president and general manager of F-35 program integration, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Wes Bush, president and chief operating officer, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Gary R. Chadick, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, Rockwell Collins, Inc.
  • Stephen Cronin, corporate vice president, president Xerox Global Services
  • Jennifer Daley, M.D., senior vice president, clinical quality/chief medical officer, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • Ellen M. Fitzsimmons, senior vice president -- law and public affairs, general counsel and corporate secretary, CSX Corporation
  • Michele C. Mayes, senior vice president and general counsel, Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  • Randy Melville, senior vice president, sales, Frito-Lay North America, PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Robert A. McDonald, vice chairman, global operations, Procter & Gamble
  • Greg O'Brien, president, The Staubach Company -- Northeast, Inc.
  • Ian Read, president, worldwide pharmaceutical operations, Pfizer, Inc.
  • Tim Scott, chief security officer and global director of emergency services and security, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Richard Snead, president and chief executive officer, Carlson Restaurants Worldwide

"Ethical leadership can have a profoundly positive impact on management, organizations, and society," said Thomas A. Stewart, editor and managing director of Harvard Business Review. "We celebrate the achievements and contributions these finalists have made to their organizations and communities."

Since 1845, the U.S. Naval Academy has worked to promote moral and ethical leadership across the nation, producing leaders of uncompromising character who have fought our wars with honor and have gone on to serve as positive role models on a global stage.

Harvard Business Review is widely recognized for its agenda-setting articles on effective leadership. The magazine counts as contributors some of the most influential experts in the field of leadership studies, including John Kotter, Daniel Goleman, Jim Collins, Ronald Heifetz and Barbara Kellerman.

About Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

The United States Navy established the Center for the Study of Professional Ethics at the Academy in 1998, with a mandate to build upon the Academy's record of developing some of the nation's finest leaders, within the Navy and beyond. In 2006, the Ethics Center officially became The Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, named for a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor who embodied the selfless and courageous leadership that is the hallmark of the Center's mission. The Stockdale Center is the center of excellence for leadership, ethics, and character development for the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Service. It enriches programs that inspire Midshipmen, the Fleet and national leaders to accomplish their missions with integrity, selflessness and compassion; it is a beacon to the nation.

About Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review's mission is to improve the practice of management in a changing world. Since its founding in 1922, HBR has bridged the worlds of academia and business by publishing groundbreaking ideas from experts at the forward edge of management and leadership practice, in a format that businesspeople can apply in their own careers and companies. The ideas published in HBR have wide-ranging impact, influencing strategy at leading corporations, setting the terms of management debate, and inspiring business leaders around the world. Harvard Business Review has a worldwide circulation of 243,000 and through its international editions is read by some 500,000 people. Harvard Business Review is a business unit of Harvard Business School Publishing, a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Harvard University.

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May 23, 2007 Wednesday 7:38 PM GMT
Mids Receive Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer

Annapolis, Md. (NNS) -- The U.S. Naval Academy recognized 15 midshipmen for significant achievements in community service in a ceremony held May 22.

Fourteen midshipmen received the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, and one received the Navy League Community Service Award.

The midshipmen's achievements represented the service of the Midshipman Action Group (MAG), a midshipmen-run volunteer organization. During the 2006-2007 academic year, MAG was responsible for planning and coordinating more than 20,000 hours of community service programs and projects.

"Even while juggling demanding academics, military training, athletics, and other extracurricular commitments, an extraordinary group of midshipmen still choose to dedicate much of their precious free time to community service," said Lt. Anne Marks, the Academy's officer representative for MAG.

MAG projects include tutoring local school children, building affordable housing, protecting natural resources, and volunteering at local hospitals -- to name a few.Members of the Class of 2007, who will be commissioned as Navy ensigns or Marine 2nd lieutenants on May 25, also launched a major community service initiative in coordination with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore this year.

More than 100 midshipmen, students, educators and community activists from 10 colleges and universities and 20 nonprofit organizations participated in the Mid-Atlantic Volunteer Conference.

"For the [Class of 2007], these ceremonies were the culmination of all the efforts we've put into serving the community," said Midshipman 1st Class Dan Misch, this year's MAG president and one of the recipients of the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. "It's nice to be recognized, and we really appreciate it. I think [this ribbon will] always be special to me, reminding me of all the work we've done and the people I've met."

To receive the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, a member's service must be related to the civilian community; include the military family community; be significant in nature and produce tangible results; reflect favorably on the military service and the Department of Defense; and be of a sustained and direct nature.

MAG has been involved in more than 20 community service projects, ranging from the Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity in the local area, to volunteering their holiday breaks to help rebuild New Orleans' 9th Ward. Of the 30 companies within the Brigade of Midshipmen, most have adopted local schools as part of the Academy's "Mids for Kids" program.

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Defense Department Documents and Publications
May 22, 2007
At Annapolis, a Graduating Class Unlike Others

Tenure Marked by Alcohol Checks, First Female Commandant, Sex Assault Cases

Published in the Washington Compost:

In many ways, the 1,000 midshipmen who will graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy today resemble those who have gone before them -- quite literally, in some cases, as some follow generations of family members who launched military careers at Annapolis.

And yet the Class of 2007 is unique. It is the first to be subjected to routine breathalyzer tests to support a tough new alcohol policy. It has served under the academy's first female commandant. It has endured questions about high-profile sexual assault cases involving two football players....


The Blue Angels fly over graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy during the graduation ceremony. (Reuters)


U.S. Naval Academy graduates throw their caps in the air during graduation in Annapolis. (Reuters)


A U.S. Naval Academy graduate hugs a colleague at the end of the graduation ceremony. (Reuters)
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Graduation and Commissioning Ceremonies

To officially kick off this morning’s graduation, the Blue Angels in six F/A-18 Hornets performed their traditional "flyover" to kick-off the 157th ceremony.

The Class of 2007, 1028 midshipmen in all, marched onto the field at Navy-Marine Corps stadium. Out of that number, 98 midshipmen were graduating with distinction. The top graduates included Douglas Marsh – an aeronautical engineering major; Joseph Hess, a political science major; and, Christopher Marsh, a systems engineering major.

The Call to Honors was given by CAPT Margaret D. Klein ’81, USN, Commandant of Midshipmen. The USNA Glee Club accompanied by the USNA Band sang the National Anthem. The invocation was given by CAPT Peter W. McGeory, CHC, USN, Command Chaplain.

VADM Rodney P. Rempt, Superintendent and The Honorable Donald C. Winter, Secretary of the Navy made remarks and introductions.

VADM Rempt recognized the Class of 1957 and the distinguished members who would be presenting a special gift to their 50 year counterpart.

Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert M. Gates gave the graduation address. He addressed the midshipmen, their family and friends and the Naval Academy faculty and staff members; offering encouraging words to the new graduating class.

The conferral of degrees was done by VADM Rempt and Dr. William C. Miller '62, Academic Dean and Provost.

Of the 1028, 213 were sworn in as 2nd Lieutenants for the U.S. Marine Corps and 791 were sworn is as Ensigns into the U.S. Navy. Administering the oath of office for the Marine Corps was General Robert Magnus, USMC, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps who welcomed those commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants to the Corps. Administering the oath of office for the Navy was Admiral Michael Mullen, USN, Chief of Naval Operations. Four midshipmen were commissioned into the Air Force as 2nd Lieutenants; two into the Army as 2nd Lieutenant; two into the Coast Guard as Ensigns; six graduating, but not commissioned and ten foreign officers.

Dr. Miller gave the recognition of Academic Achievement. Secretary of Defense Gates, Vice Admiral Rempt and Captain Klein presented the diplomas.

Eight members of the Class of 1957 were on hand to present each graduating midshipmen with their first set of gold Ensign (Navy) or 2nd Lieutenant (Marine Corps) insignia bars.

Ensign Brady A. Beauchamp, USN, president of the Class of 2007 stepped up to the podium and asked Secretary of Defense Gates to join him. Beauchamp presented him with a special gift - a USNA jacket, on behalf of the class. He also recognized three individuals as honorary graduates: Navy Football Head Coach Paul Johnson, Gunnery Sgt. Eillis Covington, USMC; and, CAPT Joseph S. Groah, USMC. He also recognized one of their own classmates, MIDN Jennifer Powers - In Memoriam. He took a moment to address his class and reflect on their past four years and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

VADM Rempt congratulated the Class of 2007 – “You’ve done it – you achieved what you set out to do."

He said to each graduating midshipman “be courageous and stay committed to their faith, family and your service to the Nation”. On behalf of the Naval Academy, he wished them much happiness and success in their endeavors. With that he invited everyone to join the USNA Glee Club, accompanied by the USNA Band, to sing Navy Blue and Gold.

CAPT Klein introduced MIDN 2/C Erik Westland, USN, president of the Class of 2008. Westland asked for members of the Class of 2008, 2009 and 2010 to stand and requested three cheers "for those about to leave us". Ensign Beauchamp, returned to the stage and requested three cheers "for those they leave behind". On the third cheer, the Class of 2007 tossed their hats into the air.

The "hat toss", now a traditional ending to the graduation and commissioning ceremonies at all of the service academies, originated at the Naval Academy in 1912. This along with the cannon salute is a symbolic end to the four-year program at Annapolis.
1,028 mids celebrate after 4 tough years

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


A crowd of about 27,000 people gathered this morning at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for the commissioning of a Naval Academy class that came of age with their nation at war.

Under a clear sunny sky in Annapolis, members of the Class of 2007 tossed their hats high into the air after receiving their commissions, marking with tradition the end of four hard years of work...
'You defend the dreams of others'

Gates extols mids for choosing military careers

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates this morning told Naval Academy graduates to retain their convictions, keep their sense of humor and remain "nonpolitical" while not viewing the media as the enemy.

Speaking for about 16 minutes before a cheering crowd at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Dr. Gates praised the graduates for choosing a difficult career path, knowing that the military is fighting a war on terror....


Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates speaks at the Naval Academy graduation.​
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Commissioning Week puts academy back in perspective

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


Commissioning Week at the Naval Academy is an opportunity to regain perspective on a great institution that lately has been pelted with bad publicity.

The graduating seniors honored today at the stadium are a reminder of what the academy is really all about: a taxing, academically challenging four-year program designed not only to teach skills but to build character. The young people who complete the program are more than ready for leadership positions in the Navy and Marine Corps. Later on, many will provide leadership for American society as a whole....
Godspeed to them all! Congrats to Class of 2007!
Become nonpolitical officers, Gates urges graduating Mids

Defense secretary hails decision to serve in 'time of great necessity'

Published in the BS:


Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates largely avoided talk of the Iraq war yesterday during his commencement speech at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, instead advising graduates to remember that Congress and the press are "two pillars of freedom under the Constitution."

"Both surely try our patience from time to time, but they are the surest guarantees of the liberty of the American people," he said....


Naval Academy graduates signify end of graduation ceremonies by throwing their caps in the air.
(Sun photo by Monica Lopossay)
May 25, 2007


Naval Academy graduates and best friends Lisa McKinnon, left, and Megan Paige Mahler share their excitement during commencement ceremonies.
(Sun photo by Monica Lopossay)
May 25, 2007


U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen celebrate their accomplishments during commencement ceremonies.
(Sun photo by Monica Lopossay)
May 25, 2007


Naval Academy graduate Philip Arthur Johnson shows his glee after receiving his diploma.
(Sun photo by Monica Lopossay)
May 25, 2007


U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates addresses the Naval Academy class of 2007.
(Sun photo by Monica Lopossay)
May 25, 2007

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Respect Congress, the press, Gates tells mids


Military officers must respect the roles that Congress and the press play in managing the military, and must distance themselves from political partisanship, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told 1,028 graduates at the Naval Academy commencement exercises Friday.

Congress, the press and the military “are the surest guarantees of the liberty of the American people,” Gates told the graduates gathered on the field at Navy Marine Corps Stadium, while an estimated 27,000 underclassmen, family members and dignitaries watched from the stands....
List of all the graduates (Part I)

These 1,028 Naval Academy midshipmen graduated Friday. Some 791 were commissioned as ensigns, while 213 became Marine Corps second lieutenants, and eight others were commissioned into the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard. The remaining graduates were not commissioned.

Abeyta, Travis W

Ackerman, Robert R

Acton, Kristin P

Adamek, David J

Adams, Thomas M

Adams, Tye J

Addicks, John T

Adkins, Luke D

Ahler, Kevin T

Akin, Micah P

Albright, Travis M

Alexander, Jeremy A

Alfano, John J

Alford, Natalie E

Allen, Benjamin D

Allen, Sean O

Alspach, John P

Altius, Elkaniah L

Alvarado, Tamara A

Alvarado, Whitney M

Alvarez, Josue

Alvarran, Dominic T

Alves, Andre A

Amerine, Denver R

Ammons-Moreno, Daniel B

Amos, Richard H

Anastasiades, Derek J

Andrews, Erika K

Anthony, Marcia L

Arbogast, Steven M

Ardito, Anthony S

Aslan, Jonathan A

Aulds, Scott B

Austin, Matthew W

Bailey, Jason S

Bailey, Paul G

Baldino, Steven E

Bardsleymarcial, Summer M

Barger, Victor A

Barlow, Allison B

Barnes, Jason M

Barnhart, Helen M

Barnikel, Timothy L

Barth, Zebulon E

Bartis, John J

Barton, Rachel M

Baum, Jade M

Baxter, Cory M

Baxter, John T

Beach, Timothy M

Beasley, Andrew W

Beauchamp, Brady A

Beauchamp, Robert G

Beaudette, Matthew J

Becknell, Jeffrey S

Belanger, Mark

Bell, Landon K

Bellomo, Daniel S

Belz, Dorian S

Bender, Robert H

Benedict, Robert T

Bennett, David H

Bergman, Patrick D

Bergman, Sarah J

Betza, John A

Bhar, Sakr

Bibby, Kyle W

Bickel, William G

Bielfelt, Drew A

Bierman, Keith A

Bingham, Sean T

Birchenough, Adam J

Bishop, Christopher G

Bittner, Brian T

Black, Christopher M

Blackburn, Mitchell T

Blackman, Adam R

Blackman, Sean T

Bland, Katherine M

Blok, Gregory S

Blume, Christopher N

Bockus, Andrew B

Boe, Madeline E

Bohning, Ryan S

Bond, Eric R

Bongard, Christopher J

Bonner, Jujuan A

Booth, Samuel J

Borchers, Jacob H

Borek, Gregory A

Borromeo, Kyra T

Bosma, Adam H

Bosworth, Joshua M

Bouchard, Robert T

Bove, Vincent A

Boyd, Megan E

Bracalente, Anthony R

Bradford, Harrison G

Bradley, Jamie L

Braud, Jason A

Bray, Patrick J

Bridge, Matthew R

Bridwell, Mathew

Britto, Mitchell M

Brochu, Caroline M

Bromley, Christopher M

Broos, Adam W

Brown, Michael R

Brown, Thomas N

Brye, Jordan A

Buchner, Scott P

Burchett, Timothy D

Burd, Molly M

Burks, Christopher S

Burnett, Elizabeth R

Burnett, Kevin J

Burns, Michael T

Burroughs, Jason M

Bushong, Cassandra M

Buss, Johnathon S

Butler, Gregory D

Butler, Patrick C

Butlin, Matthew R

Butterfield, Brett A

Buttlerricketts, Erin J

Caballero, David E

Caldwell, Brian C

Caldwell, Robert S

Camden, Andrew P

Cameron, Robert I

Camp, Larry E

Campbell, Christine C

Campbell, Joseph M

Campion, Gabriel H

Canterbury, Bradford J

Caras, Marius

Carbaugh, James C

Carline, Ashley H

Carlson, Todd W

Carlton, Jeffrey T

Carnaby, Francis B

Carnes, Brian M

Carnes, Mariellen W

Carroll, Colin J

Carroll, Kieran C

Carter, Clay P

Carter, David H

Carter, Michael W

Cashin, Patrick C

Castellanos, Diana X

Castro, Aaron J

Castro, Emily S

Cates, Eric O

Caton, Keith E

Chadwick, Brian A

Challenger, Llewellyn E

Chambers, Andrew M

Chambers, Ryan S

Chambers, Travis L

Chan, John K

Chapdelaine, Elise M

Chapman, Ryan D

Charles, Matthew E

Charles, Miguel D

Chen, Byron Y

Chidozie, Amaka E

Christ, Andrew R

Christianson, Adam G

Christoph, Michael D

Chucoski, Bruce A

Chung, Christopher D

Cincotta, Nicholas E

Clapp, Jonathan D

Clark, Scott A

Clay, Anthony J

Clement, Samuel M

Cleveland, Graham E

Coby, Weston R

Coco, David S

Coffman, Patrick N

Cohn, David W

Coleman, Evan T

Coleman, John W

Coleman, Sarah K

Collins, Deirdre E

Colon, Paul A

Colyer, Patrick A

Comer, Matthew A

Conanan, Chris J

Conaway, Timothy E

Conley, Daniel S

Cook, David A

Cook, Russell J

Coonfare, Kristi M

Cooper, Timothy J

Cope, David M

Corter, Jenna A

Cote, Diane E

Cotti, Louis M

Courtney, David W

Cousins, Matthew J

Cox, John H

Craig, Adam L

Crewes, Monique N

Crews, Samantha B

Croskey, Joel E

Crowe, James R

Culver, Nicholas M

Cumbie, John B

Curran, Margaret D

Cylc, Joseph S

Cylc, Lawrence J

Dailig, Francis C

Dalton, Kenneth C

Damon, John D

Dandrea, Michael G

Daniel, Mark E

Daniel, Nathan Z

Danis, Andrew S

Dann, William E

Darby, Gary S

Dausen, Michael P

Davidson, William L

Davis, Brian M

Davis, Daniel E

Davis, Jacob F

Dawson, Daryl A

Dawson, Jeffrey A

Deboer, Michael E

Decarolis, Michael D

Decker, Zachary W

Deloach, Michael K

Demchko, Erin K

Dendinger, Thomas C

Dente, Erik A

Desjarlais, Clinton

Desjarlais, Levi

Desmond, Benjamin A

Devoto, Anthony K

Devries, Carolyn R

Diehl, Michael A

Dierks, Andrew J

Diggs, Nelson B

Dodson, Haley S

Doherty, James J

Doot, Ryan C

Dorn, Ryan A

Dostie, Berek J

Dow, Andrew W

Dow, Mitchell R

Drake, Marjorie K

Duenas, Jonathan T

Dulik, Andrew J

Dulude, Alex G

Dunbar, Dennis A

Duncan, Lindsay A

Dunn, Patrick L

Dunton, Timothy M

Duran, Gabriel P

Eckardt, David P

Edelkind, Eli A

Efird, Ashley N

Egorov, Vladimir A

Eidson, Robert P

Eller, Jeffrey M

Ellis, Kyle V

Ellison, James L

Emge, Timothy J

Emison, Richard C

Engdahl, Christopher M

Engle, Ryan J

Eubanks, Christopher R

Evan, Rachel C

Everett, James K

Fahrner, Kathryn A

Falbo, Matthew T

Farkas, Megan M

Farnoly, Daniel J

Farrar, Shane A

Fata, Paul M

Faucett, Joshua E

Fehringer, Adam J

Feige, Bradley P

Field, Ryan K

Filosa, Robert E

Finnegan, Colin P

Fischer, John P

Fischer, Sophia J

Fitzgerald, Joseph E

Flacke, Jonathan R

Fleegle, Samuel C

Flemming, Daniel R

Flores, Christopher R

Flynn, John L

Flynn, Zachary F

Fonbuena, Michael S

Ford, Daniel L

Ford, Kate M

Ford, Michael J

Forsmo, Ryan B

Forsythe, Loni T

Foster, Justin R

Foster, Robert L

Fouts, Christopher N

Fowler, Marcus D

Fox, Mason B

Foxton, Samantha J

Fraser, Jason C

Freedman, Joshua D

Fujimura, Justin T

Furman, Frank E

Galle, Colin P

Gallion, Zachary J

Gandy, Rochelle A

Garcia, Michael G

Garcia, Robert R

Garcia, Ruben J

Garciabragiel, Matthew R

Garner, Jeremy J

Gates, Douglas W

Gauthier, Wade R

Geary, John C

Gehring, Gregory M

Gehrke, Grant T

Genis, Sean A

Germain, Stanley J

Ghavam, Zhra M

Giacomucci, Andrew P

Gilligan, John W

Gilligan, Joseph T

Gilroy, Patrick J

Girard, Lauren A

Gladem, Jennifer L

Gocke, Michael J

Goddard, Nicholas J

Goetz, Jessica A

Golchert, Michael D

Goldsberry, Jonathan A

Gonzalez, Andres A

Goodman, Peter F

Gouge, Ethan A

Grado, Tomas A

Gray, Andrew C

Green, Robert A

Grimaldo, Felipe H

Grimes, Gary W

Guest, Brian A

Guevara, Jacinto R

Gutierrez, Patrick T

Guyton, Matthew L
List of all the graduates (Part II)

Hagness, Alexander D

Haldeman, Matthew L

Hall, Matthew D

Hampshire, Kenneth E

Hampton, Brian C

Hanford, Kyle D

Hanley, Matthew G

Harman, Christine R

Harper, Timothy M

Harrington, Brian D

Harrington, Caitlyn M

Harris, Anthony M

Harris, Aubrey R

Harris, Bryan E

Harris, David W

Harris, Mark S

Harrison, Brett M

Haubrich, Nicholas R

Haught, Ryan D

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Hobbs, Stephen L

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Holland, Julianne J

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Janosky, Zachary T

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Jarvis, Grant M

Jefferson, Aaron

Jefferson, Antwan F

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Johnston, Tyler R

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Lindsay, Cameron M

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Mcgunigle, Brendan J

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Miller, Robert C

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Morgan, Timothy E

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Morrison, Ryan R

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Myers, Nathan G

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Nelson, Andrew E

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Norman, Justin D

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