2012+3 VMI Acceptance Rate

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    Based on the link below The 2012+3 VMI Acceptance rate was 22.6% - 77.4% Rejected .,,
    Do these numbers look right to everyone or are the ones reported by the college app websites calculated differently?
    I had read VMI had a 54% to 57% acceptance rate.
    If these are correct it was alot harder than my rat thought...


    "By early afternoon the incoming rat class totaled 509, including 56 women and 122 NCAA athletes. Col. Vernon Beitzel ’72, VMI’s director of admissions, said members of the Class of 2015 were selected from a pool of 2, 243 applicants, a 25 percent increase over the previous year, and the largest number in VMI history.
    Seven foreign countries and 34 states are represented in the class, of whom 57 percent of cadets are in-state students."
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    Joe- I think what you are comparing is the number of applications to number matriculated -which is not the same as the acceptance rate. I haven't seen the numbers for 2015 yet- but the profile for 2014 indicates that they had about a 54% acceptance rate and then of that - 51% matriculated, so about 25% of those who applied actually matriculated.
    I assume that the % will be similar for this year's class.

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