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    For those of you who like stats and facts. The link below is the West Point 2012 Board of Visitors annual report. It contains a ton of info on what is going on at the Academy.

    Page 22 of the pdf lists the number, gender, race of admitted cadets, grad rates etc. Page 60 of the pdf tells where all the appointments came from by type as well as class composition goals. Page 88 of the pdf lets you know that about 550 of the cadets get to go to summer school for various reasons each year.

    There is info and pictures of the new barracks, info on the mess hall, etc.

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    Work hard...

    Thanks for sharing, we’ve had this information and content parts posted here before. Its great information about West Point and stats.

    However, I’ve noticed many who want to attend WP look, mine, hunt and search for a code or inside track. WP admin is very upfront with the requirements need for selection. Again there is no substitution for high GPA, leadership, athletic, above standard ACT/SAT scores. And a nomination needed to attend.

    Good Luck in the next three months, which will be the most stressful time.

    Push Hard, Press Forward

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