2013 scholarships


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Aug 7, 2008
My son just applied to The Citadel for class of 2013. They told us we would hear back by the begining of September with an answer. Admissions counselor indicated that he may be in the running for a full ride--anybody have any experience with that? Or any scholarships at all at the Citadel? He has also applied at the USMMA so we are waiting to hear from both.
I am also applying for c/o '13 at the Citadel but I don't know much about full rides as I'm applying for MC option NROTC scholarship. One of the great financial advantages of the Citadel to me is that they offer additional scholarships to ROTC scholarship winners so that eleminates any issues of uncovered expences. You may look at scholarships on the Citadel page for more information, there is a book you can view (maybe the course selection book?) that is VERY comprehinsive on the scholarships. I do not know of any person who has applied to the Citadel who has not been academically accepted. With that said they were all good candidates who had stats above the average incoming knob. Do remember that he must be accepted physically as well though if he is applying to USMMA it is fair to assume he will be.
I have been to the Citadel 4 times and stayed on the campus their using the athletic, academic, mess and dorm facitilites three of those. Please let me know if there are any campus/ground or misc. questions I can answer for you and feel free to pm me.

Are you applying to the USNA as well as the citadel? We are hoping to have the citadel as our backup if the USMMA doesn't work out. His scores are well above their average, so I don't think there will be any problem there. The catalog they have on their website gives details about each full ride schlorship, but you don't really get any idea if they have other partial scholarships and who would qualify for them. Well good luck to you, we will have to keep in touch.
Thank you and good luck to your son as well. I am applying to USNA as well as the Citadel and 5 others actually because of the NROTC scholarship requirements. I have not decided if the Citadel will be my first choice for the scholarship or not so we'll see how that goes... All I can say about the scholarship situation is humm... As I said I havn't really looked into the scholarships (or the financial aid for that matter) so I don't know much on that. You might just contact admissions and see if they have a packet on it or something, also the ROTC branch of intrest, they may have partial scholarships that don't require service (if that's what your son is intrested in).
kpwehope, i was offered a full-ride at the citadel for 2012, but turned it down and am going to vmi instead. with an nrotc scholarship, the remaining expences at any school aren't so much that it makes so much of a difference i think.

cool thing about full-ride at the citadel is that it includes a laptop computer.
Incoming freshman cadets are automatically considered for scholarships based on their application for admission. Thus, there is no separate scholarship application for incoming cadets.

The following pdf. File contains information on each of the scholarships available including some of the smaller ones & who meets the requirements. Without re-reading the thing, I recall there was smaller ones that when tallied up, became a pretty good $ amount. Son was offered around 3. Hope this helps. :smile: