2015 Spirit Mission - Calling all 2015 Parents. One Fight One Team!

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    Dear USAFA 2015 Parents,

    It's time to start the US Air Force Academy Class of 2015 Parent Spirit Missions! The purpose and goal of the Parent Spirit Missions is to have a fundraising committee to raise donations for the Class of 2015. The primary purpose of the fundraising will be to honor ALL 2015 cadets with a coin or gift for reaching and accomplishing their milestones at the USAFA. The class of 2015 cadets will have milestones throughout the years:

    1. The Recognition Dinner- Freshman Year, March 2012
    2. The Exemplar Dinner- Sophomore Year, October 2012
    3. Commitment Dinner- Junior Year, August 2013
    4. Graduation Dinner- Senior Year, May 2015

    The second purpose of the Parent Spirit Missions is to have enough funds raised to make donations to meet other needs of the class. Traditionally, the recognized class each year makes a donation to the USAFA Rando Fund (please read: http://www.falconpride.com/rando.html) of approximately $2015. We also hope to have enough funds to donate $100 to each squadron's morale and welfare fund (the money is always used for great things that benefit the cadets). That would be $4000 total to cover that cost. Again, these are what the classes before us have done and we would like to follow in their footsteps.

    Our first milestone for the 2015 cadets is right around the corner! This spirit mission is the "2015 Recognition project". In years past, for the Recognition Dinner, previous classes have had a class coin made for each cadet, a banner for Mitch's (congratulating our "recognized cadets"), and given a donation to the Rando Fund. We will need to order the coins by end of January to make this goal.

    A $30 contribution per family, is recommended, but more or less is always welcome. You can donate by:

    1. Online with a credit card on our website at:

    http://usafa2015.wordpress.com/ go to the Donate page and click on the DONATE button or copy and paste the link:


    2. By check to:
    USAFA Class of 2015 Parent Spirit Missions
    P.O. Box 565
    Morrison, CO 80465

    We are currently and will continue to take donations throughout the years for the Spirit Missions. Please spread the word and let proud grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends know about our Spirit Missions!

    We will continue to bring you updates on our website at: http://usafa2015.wordpress.com/, and our Yahoo and Facebook groups.
    Thank you all for your generosity and support. ONE FIGHT, ONE TEAM!
    If you have any questions, please email: 2015SpiritMissions@gmail.com

    Karek and all other 2015 Parents.

    Message me if you have any questions and Thank you from the Class of 2015!

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