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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by JHORNET44, Apr 3, 2011.

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    The USNA c/o 2016 has opened. Because I applied for Summer Seminar (I am still waiting to hear back) I do no submit a Preliminary Application. The Academy website says that applicants will be notified if they have been designated an official candidate by mail no earlier than mid-May).

    Does this mean that I can't do anything on my application until mid-May (apart from Nomination related things)?

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    Let the races begin!

    Au contraire ... what this early time requires is aligning your ducks that you might not have a quack up, but rather smooth landings come April 2012!

    Fun flying friend! Looking forward to following your flight from San Juan Capistrano, Hinkley OH, or whatever homebase might land you in Annapolis, MD! :thumb::cool::band::beer1::groupwave::popcorn1:

    P.S. you might want to make contact w/ your MOC to find out his/her time schedule and your BGO to let him/her know "I'm on my way from San Jose. Make way, make way!"
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    They say that they will notify you no later than May however, I was the lucky candidate to not get notified until 3 days before the application deadline...its okay though, thats the Navy for ya.
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    If you are an official candidate, you will receive a letter with your candidate number and login information for the Naval Academy Candidate Information System (CIS), the site where you will enter your official application. On this site you will be able to see when/if the academy has received your SAT/ACT scores, your teacher recommendations, transcripts, your CFA scores, and any nominations you receive. Contact information for your regional director and BGO officer is listed on this page, as well as a portal to the DODMERB website.

    If you haven't heard by the end of May, be proactive and call the admissions office at USNA.
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    jhornet44: As someone previously posted, you cannot access the CIS until you are assigned a candidate number.

    However, WhistlePig is correct that this is a great time to get all of the information together that you will need for USNA or any other college/SA:
    - Make a list of all of your significant HS-era activities, with emphasis on any leadership positions and awards
    - Use your list to put together a formal resume to give to your English and math teachers to help them write great letters of rec for you (and give to any other letter writers for MO nominations)
    - Get a nomination application package from your MOC. Make copies of the original so you don't have to ask for a second form if you mess up!
    - Ask your teachers now for MOC letters, before summer starts, and make sure they know the deadlines. MOC deadlines are usually a lot earlier than for standard college recommendations (Sept/Oct vs Nov/Dec)
    - Work on your ACT/SAT prep, and sign up for the June ACT/SAT if you haven't, or Sept if you can't do June
    - Work out regularly!

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