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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by greentrees, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Parents -

    Please remember this a public forum and many USAFA cadets access it - including a lot of the cadre. This site has become more and more popular and it's extremely helpful, but you don't want to have any of your posts here result in extra attention to your child. It seems many of you have your last name in your username -- will be very easy for the cadre to figure out who your child is, especially if you put their squadron down.

    When you get those first letters in the next few days, be careful. Don't give too many specifics. Speak in general terms.

    If you need specific help, PM some of the "experts" that are on here.
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    I completely disagree with this post and right now the cadre know alot more about your basic than you do with all due respect. The cadre know who is messing up and who isn't, who has a good attitude and who does not, the idea that cadre are lurking here for some additional tidbit is absurd even if there are more on here then before. I think the cadre are well up before your basics and hit the sack well after they put yours to bed. They need their rest too and they have a job to do and they will do it to the best of their ability. If your worried about such things don't blog..
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    It's the internet, just don't assume that everything you say is anonymous. I don't know anyone who received extra attention unless they personally said something ridiculously stupid. My class, 2010, had some appointees bragging about how easy BCT would be and how they were better than the cadre, on a public myspace group. :rolleyes: A couple years later, there was "Mars Boy" who said USAFA was just a stepping stone to NASA in a newspaper article. That didn't go over too well.

    The big thing for people to remember is to not be boastful. If you haven't done it, don't comment on how easy it will be for you, even though most people struggle with it...

    Parents, just don't go insulting people, making claims about how superior your appointee is to everyone else, etc...

    I doubt people would hold a grudge over what a parent said, but why start on the wrong foot? Don't insult people on the internet, just as you would not do so in real life.

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