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    For any 2016 parents on this forum, I would like to be sure that you are aware of the USAFA 2016 Spirit Mission. This is a not for profit organization that supports our cadets throughout their 4 years at the academy. Over the last few years, each class's parents have organized a Spirit Mission group that accepts donations and then supports the cadet wing in many ways.

    For recognition, the 2016 Spirit Mission produced challenge coins for each cadet and donated to the Rando Fund and each squadron's MW&R fund (Morale, Welfare and Recreation). We are currently planning for the Exemplar dinner in the fall which will honor the class's chosen Exemplar, Major David Brodeur.

    Due to heightened confidentiality, we can no longer obtain emails or addresses for the parents of our cadets. We have relied on Facebook, Yahoo groups and Webuy pages to get our message across. I thought that I would post here just in case there are parents who were not previously aware of this Mission. You can find more information about our group at our webpage: http://usafa2016spiritmission.wordpress.com/

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