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Jan 23, 2017
A place for the class of 2018 Cadets who are going up for the rated boards this February to share statistics, drop dates, advice and more. Feel free to post any questions as well!

Good luck to all those Pilot, CSO, RPA, ABM hopefuls!
Anyone else also hear that February 17th is the tentative date for results to be dropped to Det. Commanders? Should we expect it to take longer..?
Unlike EA selection Rated Boards are released as specified to the Det Commanders (Which I assume is Feb 17). Those not given a rated slot will be in the supplemental board which is a rolling board.
Also, anyone have any information on the physical requirements for a rated position? (vision req, etc) I'm putting together a presentation for interested GMC at my Det so they can have easy access to this info and don't have to spend hours online looking for it like most of us all do. Thanks!
Talked to cadre the other day, they said they won't be surprised if the drop is delayed by up to a week.
Talked to cadre the other day, they said they won't be surprised if the drop is delayed by up to a week.

I've heard that so many times about so many other topics. [emoji849]. My Capt tried to tell us the boards aren't coming out till April. If anything the rated boards are honestly the only thing I've seen in ROTC that are released around the same time every year. The boards came out early last year they came out the Thursday after the board met. The board meets tomorrow so I'm guessing we'll find out Thursday or next Thursday(2/17) as projected. I could be wrong lol but I've been here 4 years and I've seen the same pattern every time lol We will just have to "Hurry Up and Wait" as usual.
My cadre tried to tell me we wouldn't find out until mid-march..

I think we could potentially hear back a little earlier than 17 Feb though. Last year the board was on 1 Feb and results were supposed to drop on 8 Feb. However, they had to redo the board or something and they actually came out on 11 Feb. I think this year they gave two weeks as a cushion for if something happens again like last year.
Anyone have any juicy details of any kind? Guesstimates for averages? Anything? Not that I'm anxious or something...
JoeKenny has some pretty helpful information in some of his past posts! Look him up and follow some of his threads for good insight. I know they are supposed to have more slots this year compared to years past. Other than that just wishing for the best. I've got a strong feeling I'm going RPA though haha we shall see. Best of luck all!
Whenever you get your results, please share! My cadre may hold on to them until the next LLAB, and we don't have LLAB for two weeks.
I do not think we will hear tomorrow, the earliest would probably be Friday. Best bet would be LLAB next week for most of us, unless our Cadre notify us before then. This is also dependent on the boards actually being on time according to the info we have. It could be another several weeks in a worst case scenario. It would be nice to know though, its not fun waiting ha.