2018 candidates and HOLD status, don't fret yet.

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    LOAs have been going out, statuses are changing daily.

    So why does my status say 'HOLD'?

    First off, it's not as bad as it seems. It's actually pretty good at this point.
    If they have already felt that the candidate is not a good match for USMMA, they would not use this status.

    So why is it HOLD?
    Many things can put the status at HOLD.

    Cream of the crop candidates are chosen early. Sports, academics, etc. They go to the front of the line and get a status of PRINCIPLE. That status is the one you want. That means they have given you an appointment.

    But here's the catch. There are only so many bunks at the Academy, especially with renovations still occurring in Band Co. Another catch is that some candidates have applied to other academies and colleges as well with USMMA not being their first choice. Principle slots will open.

    So how long could my status stay at HOLD?
    There is a date that candidates must accept an appointment. After this date, any appointments not committed to are released and they now could go through the HOLD candidates. Many factors could be at play here like # within your state. Nobody knows their secret formula on their selection process.
    My DS's status stayed on HOLD until the end of March. March!

    Keep checking the status and don't fret if you are stuck on HOLD for the Winter. It's better to be at this stage than to be rejected earlier.

    Best of luck on your applications and hope to see you at INDOC!
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    Thanks for the clarification Huskie. That is very helpful.

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