2019 North Texas Black and Gold Dinner - 10/16/2019


May 16, 2017
Each year the West Point Society of North Texas and West Point Parents Club of North Texas host a dinner for selected candidates.

Who: approximately 25 candidates plus parents
How selected: by FFR invitation; approx 11-13 districts and each FFR selects 2-3
Total: Guesstimate is 100-125-ish
Where: Area country club
When: 10/16/2019 6-9pm

6-6:30 cash bar; mix and mingle
6:30-9 dinner, program, mix and mingle
4 speakers, graduates of 1995, 2007, 2011 and Parent's club board member => these were excellent!
Many alumni for mix and mingle.
RC was also there for mix and mingle.

We (3) seated with another family of 3, our FFR, and a parent's club member. Our table focused on the missions, not about the application process since both DD and their DS had LOAs and were done with their applications.

The process is EARLY. Initial invitation 08/21/2019. This means you should show significant reason to be invited - DD's outstanding items at the time she was INVITED were essays, English SOE, and Science SOE. She was 100% complete on 09/24/2019.
Their websites are really good, so search and look at the links. You will find the 11-13 districts and a blurb about this event plus other information.
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