2021- One month of CPR left!!!


HN Brombosz, USN
Apr 10, 2016
They are saying April 15th is the day that everyone will receive their final Admission status for USNA!!! That means only one more month of CPR until you receive an appointment, denial, NAPS, wait list, or foundation! Hold on, best of luck, and God Bless!
It's March 15. Looking at it as

a. there is only one month left, or

b. there is still one month left

does not change the fact, but it could cause positive, neutral or negative emotions in you. Be positive while solidifying your plan b's. You could still be heading to Annapolis this summer. Best of luck to all!
I just think it is super funny that this week is usually the big wave week and USNA was closed yesterday due to a snow storm.:lolatyou: I must learn patience before it kills me.....
yes, this is supposed to be a big wave week - both from acceptances and the TWEs perspective.. but i haven't see much action at all... some portal updates yesterday were reported but very few... the big wave got stuck in the big snowstorm
There could have been a big wave just not our wave. You have to remember, from past years appointments lists, there is maybe 10% of self/parent participation on this forum. Perhaps another 5-10% sign up and read but never post? And maybe TWE people aren't sure how to share that news. One person did get their appointment email yesterday. I'm still happy DD is CPR. My glass is half full.
Thanks, Wondergirl! You are too kind, as I am just doing what I can to help.
DS, recieved a nom on Monday. The nom was the final out standing condition for his LOA.
DS, recieved a nom on Monday. The nom was the final out standing condition for his LOA.
Congrats! Out of curiosity, what kind of nom being awarded so late is that?
I had one of my candidates' status change today to "pending congressional notification ". The board must be working this week.
Big wave of TWE evidently came this morning. There's another thread on it.
My DS also CPR, had Congressional Nom, wasn't primary, but holding out hope that there's a reason he hasn't been sent TWE...I'm starting to think we are only family on SA forums that applied to USNA from CA-20