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    Jan 11, 2015
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    I have a FT slot this summer but in order to be a competitive for a pilot slot I may need to retake the AFOQT. I didn't do great on it the first time but I had a very demanding schedule and didn't study hardly at all. I guess my question is, if I study hard for it, is it the type of test I can do better on?

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    It's really all you on you. I don't really know people who take it over a second time just to get better scores. I'd say do not take it again and worry about your PCSM. I am actually in your position going to FT this summer. I'm not taking it again because if you don't pass the second time (God forbid) you'd be kicked out of AFROTC. So I'd say prepare as much as you can for your PCSM and try if you can to get Flight Hours they definitely help your chances for pilot. I myself am going for pilot. Do not worry about you AFOQT scores I know pilots who had low scores and still got it because they rocked the PCSM. Remember it's not just AFOQT its PFT, PSCM, CGPA, FTR, and Commander ranking. The choice is yours.

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