3 year scholarship and merb waiver


Jul 27, 2017
Son may be awarded a 3 year scholarship next month. In December he was diagnosed with a GI disorder, first UC then Crohns now some kind of Crohn's light. There is a supplement we will try that has been successful that is not a RX prescription which has had success of eliminating disease completely. Figure he has nothing to lost. I believe since this is a 3 year he would not do a medical exam until next year late spring. Does that sound correct. Realize this may be a long shot and if the GI disorder is remedied he would need waivers.
Your son will have to have completed DODMERB before he contracts. So yes, you can wait, but I would not recommend it at all. Waivers take months to process and your child could miss out on a great opportunity for his future career. Do it now or soon and get it out of the way so you don't have to worry about it later. I would say don’t give up during the DODMERB process. Hopefully, a waiver will be granted and he’ll continue on his journey.
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This one is a little complicated, and I strongly suggest getting the help of the ROO at the school of choice. This will likely be a DQ and require a waiver. If there is a “cure” you may even be DQ/waiver denied and have to request reconsideration once treatment and outcome have been completed. Hopefully the ROTC program he is joining is up on the DODMERB process. We usually expect 3ADs to get qualified sooner, rather than later (all 6 of my current freshman 3ADs are qualified), but this may be the one case where he might want to wait, depending on how long the treatment lasts.
thanks he is senior in high school now, it is a long shot, but he has nothing to lose. he made it through football with only minor injuries and this came on the last month. They actually thought it was cancer at first so this outcome was better. He had wanted this his whole life so thought exhaust all possibilities first