3 Year Upgrade to 4 ?


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Nov 2, 2017
My DS was awarded a 3 year AROTC Scholarship on the second board. Obviously we are very grateful. Just curious though, if he does qualify for a 4 year upgrade - how has notification been done in the past? Assuming the status on the application won't be changed since it already indicates winner? Thanks,
I think last year the upgraded winners were notified by email, and maybe message on the application website?
I seem to recall folks saying that the award just changed from 3 to 4 year on the portal website.
Well, we haven’t seen any change on the portal upgrading from 3 year to 4 year. Fortunately, I don’t think this is even on my son’s radar, so I’m the only one who’s disappointed. Has anyone else been upgraded?
I have not been upgraded either. If I had to assume, I would think all the 4 year offers have been made but I am in no place of knowing for sure.
I have not been upgraded either. If I had to assume, I would think all the 4 year offers have been made but I am in no place of knowing for sure.
I initially received a 4 year on this recent board so maybe there's still chances for people to upgrade?
DS portal status changed from 3 year AD to 4-Year Scholarship this morning! So thankful and happy! Those with 3 years from previous boards may want to check their selection status page.
My boy just let me know that the ROO at his chosen school called to let him know he was upgraded! I’m so excited for him! I had decided it wasn’t happening since it’s been a few days since the announcements. Hope we’ll hear from more with upgrades.
My status just changed from a 3 year to a 4 year on my portal as well, I emailed the PMS at my school to ask if there's any way to confirm-- congrats to everyone with the good news!!
DS received a call from ROO today that he was upgraded from a 3 year AD to a 4 year scholarship! We are so proud of him. What a blessing. Congrats to all of the hard earned scholarship winners.
Can anyone speak to these upgrades further? If my DS's portal has not changed are the opportunities for upgrade to a 4 year all over?
My son was notified by email from the Scholarship and Enrollment Officer within his anticipated battalion that he was upgraded form a 3-year to a 4-year. It was a huge blessing to our family. He was able to transfer his scholorship to an alternative school through help from the S&EO in March. They have communicated quite a bit since. And this morning he sent an email and said "I was able to get you upgraded". WOW!
Congratulations to all who received an upgrade. Do not waste the opportunity by showing up out of shape and unable to pass the APFT. This happened to a couple of kids at DS school a few years ago.
DS was awarded a 3 year on the second board and upgraded to a 4 year on the last board. His ROO told us he is allowed to upgrade 2 recipients per year and our DS was one.
I am confused as to who get to decide the upgrade and how the decision is made. Our son received a 3-year scholarship to an expensive school, where he is waitlisted. We are hoping to transfer it to a school where the tuition is less than half of what it is at his designated school. Are upgrades ever decided based upon the lower tuition at the school to which the student is transferring?