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    Sorry for such a basic question, but I have searched and could not find anything specific to a 3 year scholarship awarded to a high school student. Pretty much everything I found was for the 4 year scholarship or 3 year scholarship for a college student.

    What does the cadet have to do during the first year to retain the 3 year scholarship? I assume take all the first year ROTC classes. Is there a certain GPA or number of hours completed that are required in the first year to receive the scholarship in the second year? For what reasons can the scholarship be rescinded prior to starting the second year?

    Thanks for your time.
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    You need to td all the same things you would do if you HAD the 4 year scholarship. So if you do something that would cost you the 4 year scholarship then it will cost you the 3 year. And you need to take a heavy enough class load to stay on track to graduate in four years. Yes, you will take the military science and lab courses. You will attend PT and must score acceptably.
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    3-Year Advanced Designee National Scholarships

    3-Year AD scholarships are awarded to high school applicants. These scholarships DO NOT pay anything for the first year. These scholarships begin in the sophomore year, and pay full tuition (in-state or out-of-state), $1,200 annually for books, and $350, $450, and $500 per month for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors respectively. Of the 3000 national scholarships in 2012, 2000 of these will be 3AD scholarships.

    3-year Advanced Designees Scholarship (3 yr. ADS) winners must achieve a 2.0 GPA by the end of their first year and complete a minimum of 27 semester hours in order to receive scholarship benefits.

    Participate in the program and meet the AFPT standards.

    In my DS' unit there are two 3-year AD cadets who have been exceptional from day-1. The unit is going to contract them at semester and their benefits will kick in. the upside of being well-prepared and engaged.
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    JOCOMOM Where did you get this information?
    GPA is at least 2.5 and may even be 2.7 to contract. Not sure where you got the minimum semester hours either.

    The PMS will validate the 3AD scholarship at the end of the first year, and he will sign off on the following criteria on the form 167-r Scholarship Acceptance/declination statement and PMS validation
    GPA acacemic/cumulative
    GPA ROTC/cumulative
    medical status
    PMS recommendation (recommend/not recommend)
    projected graduation date (hopefully 3 years from the date of validation)
    There is also a place for PMS remarks. If the PMS chooses not to validate the scholarship (cadet isn't participating fully, not passing PT test, getting into trouble) the offer can be withdrawn. If you are a three year winner at Clarkson come prepared to be treated and act like a four year winner.
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    If you are a 3 year AD scholarship winner if you join the national guard before school starts freshman year are you considered non- deployable status? all responses are appreciated.

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