4-year NROTC scholarship as freshman

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    I have enrolled in a college and will be a freshman during the year of 2017-2018. I was currently informed that I can still apply for the 4-year scholarship this round (almost like a second try) and I will just use my high school teachers for recs and the rest of my high school information. However, when it indicates that you must list your schools with one in-state, how would I do so? I've committed to a school (out-of-state) and would only be applying to NROTC scholarship there. Is there a way to indicate this as I don't think it will let me submit my application with the rest of the slots blank.
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    Talk to the officers at the college you will be attending. Everyone there without a scholarship will have the same problem and they'll know how to handle this.
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    +1 @kinnem
    Contact your new Freshman Year Group Advisor at your college. Don't just ask that one question, but ask for advice on your application. Make sure you ask an open ended question to solicit their input. A phone call will be much more productive that an email asking one simple question. They may even offer to review it and comment on your essay. They may want you to wait until September to submit it, so they can have an opportunity to review it, after you have participated in the battalion.
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    List the school you are attending as a College Programmer as #1, then pick any four schools at random, with at least #2 or #3 being in state. Then, select the option that says you will only accept the scholarship if awarded to first choice school. In the remarks box, explain that you are a College Programmer at that unit.
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