4-year Scholarship starting sophomore year


Jan 13, 2017
I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I am currently in the process for applying for a 4-year NROTC scholarship that, if awarded, would start my sophomore year. I was just wondering what the point of this would be, as opposed to just getting a 3-year scholarship? Does it have to do with staying an extra year and possibly doing an accelerated masters degree program or do you still graduate after 4 years and then fulfill your service obligations?
This is my understanding-

The pool of candidates you're competing with for the four year is national - all high school seniors and college freshman (with less than 30 credit hours) can apply.

The three year and two year scholarships are based in your unit, so you're competing against others in your unit at that point.
If you win the four year, high school scholarship that you apply for your freshman year and kicks in your sophomore year, it ends up being, in effect, a three year scholarship. NROTC will not pay for a graduate degree, only for a Bachelor's degree. I think this is what you were asking.

If you do not get the national scholarship again then you can apply for a three year and later a two year scholarship through the NROTC unit you are participating in. If you do not get those scholarships, you can apply for advanced standing to contine in the program with a stipend but not the scholarship which pays tuition.

Hope this helps.
All NROTC scholarships are national competitions. Freshman year you will have 2 opportunities to compete for a scholarship. First in the fall, by completing the 4 year scholarship application and then in the spring via the college program. If you will a scholarship through either application they will pay for 2 years. Why they call it a 4 year, is probably because of the application you are completing. The 4 year scholarship looks at high school performance The college program application does not, only college performance.