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    I just received an email informing me I have won a 4 Year Army ROTC scholarship. Also in the email, this was stated: Of the schools you listed in your application there are currently no available scholarship allocations. Can someone please tell me what my next step is? The top two schools on my list are Virginia Tech, The Citadel. I am already academically accepted at The Citadel. I am surprised that at military colleges they are unable to support a full scholarship cadet.

    Can anyone tell me how this situation can be resolved?

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    Unfortunate situation you are in. How that has happened is that Cadet Command has allocated a certain amount of scholarships to each program and they have exceeded that number- this is strictly a recruiting driven calculation (and in my opinion as well as more than one PMS, its a stupid bureaucratic decision made mostly "just because"). Having said that - it is what it is. A PMS who I talked with about this when someone else was in the same situation suggested that :
    a. Accept the scholarship and be prepared to go to the next best place that has scholarship slots remaining.
    b. Request a waiver from Cadet Command , write a very compelling letter about why you really want to go to the Citadel (or VPI) and also get the PMS at your "hearts desire school" to endorse your letter and also to request that this be reconsidered and you be allowed to take the scholarship at his school. I know of at least one future cadet from this forum who was successful with this approach and will be attending VMI on his scholarship after initially receiving the same letter you have- so it definitely can be done.

    Be your own best advocate and be compelling about why you really want to take your scholarship at your first choice school - (hopefully you can also say where you have already been accepted). Also - be persistent although not a pain (and for heavens sake don't paraphrase or repeat my thoughts about how Cadet Cmd has made a simple, straightforward process into a convoluted painful one! I am in my 50's and long drawing a retirement check from the Army and my kid already has his scholarship - I have nothing to lose by being obnoxious, you won't win any points doing the same thing!:rolleyes: )

    Good luck and keep the faith
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